epic25: Grand Final

by Michael MoriartyOctober 14, 2018

Sunday morning saw the start of the epic25 Grand Final, brought forward by an hour and a half due to the teams agreeing to making the game a weighted best-of-five. This meant the Consolidation Final took place last night, with the result available here.

The two teams taking part were the ferrari peekers mix and Fierce Esports. For those unaware, the rosters of the two teams were as follows.

ferrari peekers
Fierce Esports
(Vexed) Nathan “wh1sk” Alderson Kyle “swaggyavi” Wilson
(Orgles5) Adam “Adam9310” Ahmad Tautvydas “HyPe” Paldavicius
Dom”dOMM” Sulcas Said Emin “em1n” Majrbekov
(Vexed) Oscar “ozzy” Scott Faizan “fzaN” Ali
(Endpoint) Joe “Luzuh” Loose Jack “kpiz” Pragnell

The format meant that ferrari peekers, coming from the Upper Bracket, started the final off with a 1-0 score in the weighted best-of-five. The two teams vetoed down the map pool, with Fierce going first to ban Inferno, ferrari peekers then banning Nuke. The two teams followed the same pattern to pick the maps, with Dust2 being left over and unplayed. With that said, the maps were to be as follows:

epic25 Grand Final

ferrari peekers 1-0 Fierce Esports
(Default 1-0, Cache, Overpass, Train, Mirage)

With Cache being the opening map, It was ferrari peekers who opened up with the pistol round and first anti-eco. The third round managed to go the way of Fierce, the two teams then traded rounds before ferrari peekers went into control of the half with a run of five rounds. Although Fierce were able to pick up four of the final five rounds of the half, it was a 9-6 lead for the Vexed/Endpoint/Orgles5 mix. The second half saw a similar start for ferrari peekers, with them taking the pistol and anti-eco before pushing on for the following two rounds. Fierce started to come slightly more into their element on the CT-side, as they prevented ferrari peekers from claiming more than one round at a time. But that would be all they needed, as they eventually pushed for a 16-12 win.

Next up was Overpass. Once again ferrari peekers picked up the pistol round and following anti-eco, before pushing on to the next two rounds. The two teams wrestled for control of the half with each team having strong periods, eventually seeing the two teams go in close at the half time break, with the mix narrowly ahead at 8-7. The second half, once again, saw ferrari peekers pick up the pistol round but this time Fierce came out on their T-side and pushed a strong five-round run of form, seeing them take the lead at 12-10. But that’d be all the rounds they’d be able to win for the remainder of the final, with the ‘peekers taking the final five rounds on their CT-side to claim the final with a 16-12 win on Overpass.

epic25 Grand Final

ferrari peekers 3-0 Fierce Esports
(Default 1-0, Cache 16-12, Overpass 16-12, Train, Mirage)

With 27 teams taking part, the prize pool for this LAN was £3000. A full LAN standings post will be made available later today, but for now the top three teams at epic25 were as follows:

First: ferrari peekers – £1850 + Free tickets to epic26
Second: Fierce Esports – £900 + £20 off tickets to epic26
Third: CeX – £250 + £10 off tickets to epic26

This is it for epic25. The next, currently scheduled, BYOC LAN in the UK will be the expanded epic26, taking part between 7th-10th February 2019. Tickets will be available soon.

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