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epic26: Consolidation Final

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epicLAN has reached the final day. After the upper bracket and lower brackets have concluded, we’ve reached the last two matches of the tournament.

The Lower Bracket went through a number of matches last night, which saw a number of strong battles throughout.

The teams that dropped out the upper bracket in the latter stages (CeX and reflex.EU), perhaps unsurprisingly, beat the upcoming team who had more action in the gauntlet. From there the two lined up in the Lower Bracket Final, and after three maps where neither team looked likely to dominate it was reflex.EU who lined up a consolidation final match against London Esports.

Consolidation Final

London Esports 2-0 reflex.EU
Map 1 – Mirage: This was an absolutely dominant display from reflex.EU. reflex started on the T-side and after picking up the pistol round went on a roll, winning round after round to go 9-0 before London could get a word in edge-ways. Even then, it was only for three rounds as reflex.EU came back in and went in 12-3 ahead at the break. This strong scoreline was finished off very quickly in the second half, picking up all four rounds played for a dominant 16-3 win. Adam9130 was the key performer for reflex.EU, with the player notching up 124.1 ADR.

Map 2 – Inferno: reflex.EU opened the proceedings, but any hint of a similar performance in this map would mean you’re sorely mistaken. London’s T-side came out strong, knocking out nine rounds in a row to cement a lead. Although reflex came back for a string of four rounds, London went into the break comfortably 10-5 ahead. The second half was pure domination, however, with London Esports dropping one round to their opponents as they cruised to a 16-6 win to even the series. dOMM and Astroo share the plaudits as the strongest players in this map for their team.
Map 3 – Dust2: reflex.EU opened the match up on the T-side, before taking five of the next six rounds. With reflex.EU in the lead, they were looking likely to take themselves to the finals to face the Slayers, but London had other ideas. Fueled by the want of revenge, they ramped up a gear and took six rounds in a row to 7-6 ahead before the two teams shared rounds to go in at the break with an even looking 8-7 score. The second half began and ended with London winning, winning all but two rounds in that second half. It would be ardiis taking the MVP with an exceptionally strong 101.2 ADR on their way to a 16-9 win.

The result means London Esports will be headed to the Grand Final to face the Slayers in a rematch of the upper bracket final at 12:30pm today.

All of the action is live on the epicLAN Twitch channel. There are no public GOTVs for today’s matches.

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