epic26: Upper Bracket Final and Lower Bracket Progress

by Michael MoriartyFebruary 9, 2019

With the upper bracket semi final complete at epic26, we’re onto the upper bracket final. The winning team heads straight to the grand final tomorrow afternoon, with the losing team headed to a gauntlet.

After London Esports took a fairly close 2-0 over CeX, and LDN Slayers had a quick win over Reflex.E U, the two teams were to finally meet in the upper bracket final.

Upper Bracket Final

London Esports 1-2 THE LDN SLAYERS
Map 1 – Overpass: The Slayers opened the action with the first two rounds before London Esports found themselves in a familiar strong position, taking the lead with seven rounds in a row. The Slayers weren’t looking to lose this map, and with smooya in tow this state of action didn’t last too long. With the two sides warring, it was London who narrowly went back ahead with the final two rounds of the half for a 9-6 lead. The second half began with a tussle between the two teams, in sort of a ping-pong fashion. It wouldn’t be too long before the Slayers went ahead at 13-13, even with London stalling it a few rounds earlier, and from there they eventually took the win with another set of rounds at 16-13. It would be international prodigy smooya who helped them there, as he dropped 31 kills on the way to the win.
Map 2 – Mirage: After London took the pistol, it was the Slayers who came into the game and forced themselves to a small lead. Similar to the first map, however, the two teams fought viciously for the lead, which eventually went London’s way at 9-6 for the break. The second half was all London’s, as they secured round after round to go 14-6 ahead. Although the Slayers picked up two more, London evened the series with a 16-8 win.
Map 3 – Dust2: The map began with the Slayers taking the first two rounds before London opened up with some of their own. The first half was a slog until the Slayers wrestled control and forced their way to a 10-5 lead at the break. The second half began looking like London were looking to take the win, but the Slayers pushed their weight around and kept winning the required rounds, and headed straight to the 16-10 win they were looking for.

In the lower bracket, the tournament has finally heated up to the later stages. In Round 4, Revelation Gaming took down 7.2andbelow in two maps to proceed to a match against reflex.EU, who lost in the upper semi finals to LDN SLAYERS. The other semi final sees CeX take on the winner of Water Walkers and Fierce Esports.

Lower Bracket Semi Final

CeX 2-0 Water Walkers
Overpass 16-14
Inferno 22-18

reflex.EU 2-1 Revelation Gaming
Train 5-16
Mirage 16-6
Overpass 16-13

Lower Bracket Final

CeX 1-2 reflex.EU
Inferno 16-8
Overpass 6-16
Dust2 12-16

Keep an eye on UKCSGO.com for more updates on the tournament as they come. The Lower Bracket is also ongoing, and that page is being constantly updated on the site. The Upper Bracket Final is currently live on the epicLAN Twitch channel.

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