epic26: Upper Semi Finals and Lower Bracket

by Michael MoriartyFebruary 9, 2019

We completed two rounds of the upper bracket and one round of the lower bracket last night here at epic26. Saturday sees the rest of the upper bracket and lower bracket conclude, up to the grand final and consolidation final.

After the first couple of bracket rounds, the amount of upsets was low, but they still existed. The first round only saw a seed switch, with SenseiScottJohn beating NEDS 2-0, with the upper quarters seeing the same but with CeX beating Fierce in the same scoreline.

The Lower Bracket had more substantial upsets, with unseeded LOS EMIGRANTOS beating Suns Out Guns Out 2-1, and 24th seed Madeeka Down Under knocking out IGI 2-0. Other upsets saw Madeeka.fe beat Ben Price 2-1 and WhatAboutColdzera taking out Rat Pack 2-0, both in the opening round of the lower bracket.

With that all said and done, here’s the upcoming playoff rounds for this morning, with start times for the rounds and matches where available.

Upper Semi Final

London Esports 2-0 CeX
Map 1 – Nuke: London opened the proceedings by taking the pistol round and following anti-eco, before CeX chimed in with one of their own in the third round. The two teams fought for control at the start of the half before London stormed on for an 11-4 lead. The second half was a different story, as CeX ramped up their offence and brought the game to a 12-12 draw. It was from there the action went away from them, unfortunately, as London woke up and forced their way to a win, with ec1s winning the final 1-v-1 against Murky to win 16-13.
Map 2 – Inferno: CeX commenced the map this time around, but it wouldn’t be long until London came into their own, winning all but one of the remaining twelve rounds for a strong 11-4 lead. The second half began with London keeping up this form, as seen by numerous players hitting the 90s of ADR. This wouldn’t last past a 14th round win, as CeX picked up some form they used in the previous map and won round after round to push London. This ended up being ten rounds in a row, with znx forcing his team over the line to tie the match at 14-14. However, like the previous map, London came back to stop CeX from taking the lead and secured match point before taking the win 16-14. ec1s and frei both lead the scoreboards, taking 95.5 ADR each.

Map 1 – Inferno: The LDN SLAYERS opened the match up with the pistol round before cruising to a strong 6-0 lead before reflex.EU had a word. And have a word they did, taking five rounds in a row to keep the match close. The end of the half was effectively shared between the two, but the slayers went in 8-7 ahead at the break. The second half was just pure domination from smooya and co. as they secured the first five rounds to force their lead forward. reflex.EU were only able to secure one round in the second half as the LDN SLAYERS went 1-0 up with a 16-8 score. Thomas pushed ahead of the rest with 118.2 ADR on his 31 kills.
Map 2 – Train: This was a much faster map. Althought reflex.EU opened the map with the pistol round, they had control immediately wrestled away from them by the slayers. From there the rounds kept coming for the team looking to secure the upper final place and only let reflex.EU into two more rounds for the game. A 16-3 win with stan1ey hitting 102.1 ADR would be all she wrote for this match.

Lower Bracket Round Two

Water Walkers 2-0 Madeeka Down Under (16-6, 16-7)
Horus eSports 2-0 Madeeka.fe (16-8, 16-8)
Demise 2-1 LOS EMIGRANTOS (16-9, 8-16, 16-7)
NEDS 2-0 WhatAboutColdzera (19-17, 16-7)

Lower Bracket Round Three

SenseiScottJohn 0-2 Water Walkers (6-16, 13-16)
Fierce Esports 2-0 Horus eSports (16-3, 16-7)
7.2andbelow 2-0 Demise (16-14, 16-4)
Revelation Gaming 2-0 NEDS (16-5, 16-12)

Lower Bracket Round Four

Water Walkers 2-1 Fierce Esports (17-19, 16-9, 16-14)
7.2andbelow 0-2 Revelation Gaming (12-16, 11-16)

As yesterday, this page will be updated as the results come in, before a new page is started for the rounds following these. Both upper bracket semifinals will be casted and streamed live on the epicLAN twitch stream. It is also worth noting that the tournament will receive the benefits of HLTV’s scorebot from the upper semifinal and lower quarterfinals onwards.

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