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EPIC36 Talent Announcement

EPIC.LAN is to feature some of the best rising talent that the UK scene has to offer.

by Ne0kai

EPIC.LAN is home to not only some of the brightest rising stars in the UK scene, but some of the best UK talent as well. As of yesterday our brilliant set of casters have been locked in, and keeping us company for the duration of the long weekend is none other than some of the brightest up-and-comers and veterans from the UK:

Kyle “CodyCasts” Mullings
Brandon “BDog” Rawlings
Freddie “GrimyRannar” Pritchard
Tom “SneakyBeaky” Taylor
Ryan “IconCasts” Lee

We have recently seen the likes of GrimyRannar casting for Pinnacle and relog events. All three of CodyCasts, SneakyBeaky, and IconCasts recently debuted in the prestigious WePlay Academy League. Last, but certainly not least, BDog’s meteoric rise in the world of commentating led to him lending his voice in ESL’s Pro League Conference Season 16. All five of these talented individuals have been selected for good reason, and we know they can continue the legacy of great commentators that have arisen from EPIC.LAN, with the likes of James Banks.

With the considerable calibre of event experience between them all, we are in safe hands for all our coverage of the best of the best in the UK Counter-Strike scene. We wish them the best and are looking forward to a fantastic event!

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