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epicLAN 27 – Highlights

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Owen “smooya” Butterfield led his teammates to victory after a decisive final match against Buzzkill Esports. This means that fish123 will walk away with £2250 + five tickets to epicLAN 28. For more information on this match, click here to view a recap from UKCSGO.com contributor Michael Moriarty.

While the mix has been crowned the victors of epicLAN 27, there was an abundance of highlights for viewers to enjoy.

Note that not all of the matches were streamed so these are a compilation of highlights from twitch.tv/epicLAN1.


The first day of the event was the group stages. This saw many great moments, like Leon “Crazy” Price’s 3k on Overpass to secure his team the round. Soz4owned then went on to beat Legion Gaming 16-12.

In a match between runners-up Buzzkill Esports and kindabadderz, “Edward” made sure that he stayed alive as he got a 3k with a desert eagle at the end of Round 11. Buzzkill went on to win the match 16-2.


Owen “Smooya” Butterfield decided to show off his AWPing prowess as he quickly flicked to his opponent, ensuring that he won the round and the counter-terrorist could not defuse the bomb. Fish123 then went on to win the match against soz4owned 16-2.

Saturday and Sunday

The second day of the event was the winners and losers bracket. The grand final was then on Sunday between Buzzkill Esports and fish123.

The first match between fish123 and Buzzkill was on Saturday. In a crucial round, “ARDIIS” had an amazing showing of trigger-discipline, which eventually led to him and Owen “Smooya” Butterfield winning a 2v3. Fish123 won this map 25-21.

Speaking of Owen “Smooya” Butterfield, he had a 3k on Dust 2 to ensure Buzzkill could not take the A bombsite. Fish123 went on to win this map 16-10.

However, it wasn’t all fish123 as “Hawk” of Buzzkill got his revenge as he got a 4k on Dust 2 with the AUG. Buzzkill then went on to lose the map 16-10.

CeX managed to overcome 72Virgins as they won 2-0. “Giovanni” had a clean 1v3 on Nuke to take his team to 14 Rounds. They then went on to win the map 16-8.


Overall, epicLAN 27 was filled with some incredible highlights. Fans of the event will not have to wait long as it will return for epicLAN 28 from October 10-13. More details are available here.

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