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epicNINETEEN: The Intermediates

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Group A:

After the group’s stages, everyone is usually slightly tired, bored, or wants to play more and more to improve while in this setting so the world famous epicLAN intermediates have started! In group a, we saw a slightly weaker group in comparison to the second group, we will get to that later, but Phenomenal Gaming has certainly been phenomenal with a 3-1-0 record, but in terms of results, the rest of the group has been relatively quiet which is ensuring that Phenomenal will be going through groups with a 3-1-0 scoreline.

Group B:

Meanwhile over in the other group, we saw some quality teams that all have the potential to make it out of the groups, all face off with the likes of uFrag Eclipse getting out of groups with a perfect 4-0 score line along with de_Viraj having a 1-1-2, but still making it out. The most disappointing results throughout the main event along with the inters was the LEAVEITYEAH lineup featuring the likes of Jack ‘Jacky’ Peters and Jakey who went 0-2 and 0-2-2 in the intermediates tournament.

Elimination Stage:

In the elimination stages of the inters, even though it was very delayed, the matches went very quick with LNTD beating de_Viraj 2-0 and Nans beating Mediocre with an identical score line. Going into the first semi-finals match, we saw a closer game than the other matches throughout the bracket with Phenomenal Gaming fighting towards a 16-13 lineup, but even though the first game looked great, the next one was a stomp in favour of Phenomenal Gaming and would cement themselves in the finals. The second matchup was between the bald nan’s line-up vs uFrag Eclipse, with uFrag being on a straight tear through the inters and going into the bracket games, nothing changed at all which led to 16-6 and 16-2 wins going into the grand finals.
So going into the finals, uFrag Eclipse faced off against Phenomenal Gaming very late into Saturday night, started the best of 3 around 4am, but with the high level of intermediate CS, we can’t complain, right? The first map, even though the scoreline didn’t reflect it, led to some interesting rounds which could’ve swung the game somewhat over to Phenomenal but still finished 16-5. The second map was very fast paced, we saw some of the key players like tamstaR and Logisaruas all try and take matters into their own hands but uFrag.Eclipse came out on top and won the map 16-8 and the whole of the intermediates event with a 2-0 score line!

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