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Everything we know about ITB Academy*

In June we reported that ITB would start an Academy project, so what happened?

by Dafydd

*Updated on 10/01/2023

Previously UKCSGO reported that Into the Breach would start an academy project, however, since that announcement there has been little word about it from ITB. The only information that has been revealed is scattered in various places, so UKCSGO has decided to condense all that is known about Into the Breach’s supposed academy into one article. This article will be updated consistently when new information comes out.

June 2022 – Announcement

Back in June, we released an article revealing that ITB would be investing in an academy. In the original statement from Into the Breach, they stated that their aim was to create a fully UK-rostered academy team. The Head of initiatives at the time, Blaine “Blainey” Uknighted, spoke to UKCSGO about the steps that they had taken.

ITB has allocated funding to look into building a UK Academy team. UKCS is an ever-expanding community & is going from strength to strength with new & upcoming talent.

Later in the same month, UKCSGO’s Dafydd Gwynn interviewed ITB’s owner, Sam “SlayTheMinotaur” Macedonio, to discuss the details of the project. In it, Sam Macedonio revealed that the academy project would have two teams. One would be UK based whilst the other would be European with the ambition of being in the WePlay Academy League.

One would be a UK majority, even a five-man, called ITB Fated, centred solely on supporting UK players at a main or intermediate ESEA level […] The second, would be ITB Union, and would be an EU majority, with one or two UK players. This roster would be better supported financially, and while focused on younger players, would still aim to compete at a level on par or just below the primary roster.

October 2022 – Changes

Not directly tied to the academy but still a noteworthy change in the story. In October, the Head of Initiatives, of which the responsibility of the academy team fell under, changed roles within the organisation. Blaine “Blainey” Uknighted stepped away from the position to focus on VALORANT, and Damon “Lotus” Cheng, Into the Breach’s Dota Team Manager took over the role.

December 2022 – Latest mention

In December, Into the Breach released their CS:GO main team and UKCSGO once again spoke to Sam Macedonio, one of the organisation’s owners. At the end of the interview he commented on the situation surrounding the academy project.

Still looking for funding and sponsorship for this but still very keen to make it happen. I think it has legs, though it has been tried before several times. Needs a long-term partner who is interested in being a part of the scene’s development. Sponsors themselves are few and far between – one that’s emotionally invested are basically unicorns

January 2022

UKCSGO reached out to Into the Breach’s new Head of Initiatives Damon “Lotus” Cheng for a comment regarding the progress of the academy project. He refused to comment at this time.

Any future tweets or comments from Into the Breach will be included at the bottom of this article.


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