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Coalesce re-enter the scene by signing 1PIN

Coalesce make their long awaited return back to UKCS picking up 1PIN.

by GrimyRannarr

After dropping their most recent roster on the 15th of July, Coalesce have laid dormant, with speculation flying about who they will pick up. The organization finally will return to the UKCS scene proudly bolstering 1PIN who have been without organizational support for the last ten months.

1PIN burst into the UKCS scene, originally forming at the start of 2022 and came out swinging by winning ESEA Open season 40, only dropping three maps out of 33 while under the banner of Heaven and Hell. Continuing this success the young squad made playoff appearances in ESEA advanced, deep runs in ESEA cash cups and impressive performances in the RMR open qualifiers for the Rio Major.

Regionally, they have been contesting for the top spot against Viperio and Into The Bin, these games have gone consistently back and forth, but Coalesce could be the stability 1PIN needed. Something that has been talked about at length, is that what held them back from taking the UKCS crown was their inability to commit fully to the game as the squad was unorged.

UKCSGO Reached out to Coalesce owner, Sam “Kanny” Hollinrake, to talk about their goals this year:

In terms of goals, obviously winning the ESL Premiership would be one of them, winning as many events as possible with the team. EpicLAN is something we would like to do again. This year is simply focusing on how we can support the team in the best way possible. We will look to attend the likes of Fragadelphia and Copenhagen Games, I think the possibilities are endless.

This team of youngsters main selling point throughout all of this success, is that they have only made one roster change this year. A theme we see within esports and UKCS specifically is that rosters are very quick to make roster changes. This unique stability made it even more confusing how no one had picked them up yet.

We are extremely excited to welcome the team to Coalesce, after a long break from us in CSGO we finally have our return and our return to UK Esports. I can say everyone here is happy with the move and that we have really high expectations of where we believe we can push the roster to in the future.

Coalesce who held dominance over the UKCS scene with their roster in 2021 led by Tom “arTisT” Clarke won EPIC.LAN 34 without dropping a single map, and then went over to Malta and won the SiGMA Esports Technologies Cup 2021. Coming into 2022 they decided to go international, signing a roster with ex-fnatic AWPer Jack “Jackinho” Ström Mattsson, and this didn’t go too well. Now they have returned to their roots with Kanny saying:

One thing we have made clear is that this is a long term project and we are here to stay, the team won’t have pressure from us to win everything immediately, they aren’t machines and that’s important to remember. It’s just as much our responsibility to help them improve as it is theirs. We look forward to a bright year with many highs and hopefully not to many lows.

Coalesce’s roster consists of:

Ryan “dox” Young
Oliver “leaf” Jackson
Oscar “AZUWU” Bell
Tobias “shyyne” Sæther
Kristian “Krs7N” Mladenov

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