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Former EKO coach and IGL create SPADE

The orgless roster will include former EKO and Hypnotic players.

by Dafydd

Oscar “LVN” Levin and Luke “EMPEROR” Ingram have come together to create a team once again. The duo can’t get enough of each other after working together on EKO and now continuing with a very different project in SPADE. The new orgless roster has chosen youth over experience, with two Brits and two Swedes who may not have reached the height of LVN‘s previous teammates on EKO, but could have the potential to make a name for themselves under the experienced IGL’s tutelage.

SPADE is yet another non-org team looking for an org in the UK scene at the moment, but with two 16-year-olds they present a unique opportunity for organisations who want to build up young projects. One of those opportunities is the chance to play in the WePlay Academy League which would be a huge opportunity for some of the UK orgs currently without a team.

To find out what SPADE want to achieve, UKCSGO was able to speak with coach Luke “EMPEROR” Ingram:

So LVN decided to try a different path with the rebuild over some of the options that he had available to build from. This build has taken the approach with a younger lineup which opens doors not available before, but he has also taken the route of picking up EU players in the form of the Swedes. Again this was something I believe Oscar (LVN) wanted to do in order to try and experience working with EUs. Objective wise the aims haven’t changed just perhaps the time frame has because there is slightly less experience in the team than before but mechanically there’s not too much difference. Ultimately the goals are to just win things and maintain an improvement curve over the second half of the year. The name SPADE is purely to continue the trend set by other UK teams that have been without an organisation i.e FAMBIT & 1pin.

SPADE are currently:
Oscar “LVN” Levin
Mason “Vacancy” Haines
Zy β€œ1yz0” Esponilla
Herman “1Knas” Hattevig
William “zyyx” Ludvigsson
Luke “EMPEROR” Ingram (coach)

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