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FAMBIT finally find new home with EKO esports

It took an unjustifiably long time, but FAMBIT are no longer an orgless team.

by Dafydd

It was 171 days ago when the roster we know as FAMBIT was dropped by Coalesce. Even without financial support, they continued to play and improve as a roster and reached heights that seemed impossible for an orgless UK team. We’ve since seen some faces on FAMBIT change, though the level of talent never did. This has finally been recognised as FAMBIT has been signed by EKO Esports according to our sources.

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For EKO Esports, this is a return to CS:GO after dropping their last roster, which included star AWPer Jamie “JamieG” Grice, back in May. The picking up of FAMBIT confirms the dedication that EKO Esports has claimed to have toward the UK scene, as last time we spoke to the owners they told us “We are first and foremost fans of Counter-Strike, we aren’t going anywhere.” With this fantastic pick-up, they were definitely telling the truth.

With FAMBIT picking up two new young players and having the Road to Level Up LAN in Austria right around the corner, the timing is perfect. Regardless of the skill and dedication a team may have, a lack of financial backing will always result in a struggle to attend LAN events. Having the support from EKO Esports will only raise the ceiling of what this roster can achieve. As fans, we will be able to see firsthand how this move will affect the team as they plan to attend both the Road to Level Up LAN and Insomnia 69 in the next three months.

UKCSGO reached out to EKO Esports for a comment:

We are incredibly excited to make our return to competitive CS. Partnering with arguably the best British and Irish roster at the moment with a ton of potential, we can’t wait to see what they can produce. We’ve learnt a lot and grown a lot since our last venture into Counter-Strike and feel alongside our Apex Legends, VALORANT, and now CS rosters, we are building something for the future that can gain some real traction.

EKO Esports are now:

  • Tom “arTisT” Clarke
  • Matas “Extinct” Strumila
  • Callum “Girafffe” Jones
  • Jack “Gizmy” von Spreckelsen
  • James “Mad” Debono
  • Ciarán “biscu” King (coach)

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