Four UK sides to ESEA Main

by orclAugust 1, 2016

Last week marked the final week of the European ESEA Intermediate ladder, which played host to a number of European rosters with the hopes of success and move up to the league’s “Main” division.

Among the competing sides were a number of British rosters, some of which having already appeared to have called it quits earlier on in the season. Some rosters, such as the once rising stars of team uFrag (albeit under what appears to be a mixed roster), did not play out the entire season, ruling them out of a position in the ESEA main division.

However, a number of UK sides managed to stick it out for the duration. This has allowed them to secure their position in the next season of ESEA Main. For the most part, the top sixteen teams of the Intermediate ladder will find themselves not only taking one step up in their ESEA careers, but also find themselves in the Intermediate play-offs tournament. It is however worth nothing that the number of teams advancing is subject to ESEA’s digression, given the activity of teams within the Main division. The final playoff cup will see almost £1,400 up for first place (though this figure may decrease in time given the current exchange rate, thanks to Brexit.) and a further £4,500 up for grabs between the rest of the top eight finishers.

Stepping up into the ESEA Main and securing a spot in the play-offs, four UK teams have managed to ensure that the next season of Main will have a greater number of British sides to the current season’s meagre three.

The four teams that have managed to qualify for the Main division are:

IGI eSports

The IGI eSports side actually managed to top the intermediate division, losing just two games throughout the entire season, overcoming a number of the top sixteen finishers in the process. Obviously with the playoffs still to play, they will be looking to continue their form and make sure that their efforts are rewarded with the top prize. For this team though, a step-up into Main will be a much welcome boost to the teams’ credibility.

Bulldog eSports

A roster that has only recently been given a new home, the Bulldog side also put up a strong performance throughout the weeks gone by. Just one win behind IGI and a few rounds behind the number two spot saw this hopeful side finish in third place. They are likely to be one of the better contenders for the play-off prize, given that they were one of two teams that toppled IGI this season.


The name appears to say it all for this side, which is largely comprised of relatively unknown players within UK CS. The side have interestingly not found themselves up against any of their fellow qualifying countrymen during their automatically arranged games, so their true test at making themselves known will be to challenge the likes of IGI and Bulldog eSports in the playoffs.

exceL eSports

The exceL side are the lowest ranked of the four UK teams qualifying, but this by no means rules them out of a chance of taking home the big money in the end of season playoffs. Again having not played any of the other qualifying UK teams throughout the season, they will also relish the opportunity to show exactly how they fare against the other British sides.

The playoff bracket is yet to be produced, however given that there is likely some interest in seeing the progression of these UK sides, we will endeavour to publish this information when it becomes known.


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