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RE: Why UK CSGO LANs are a problem!
Must Read:ESL UK responds to ESL Premiership qualifiers controversy
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London LYNX find replacement players
exceL eSports announce their new CS:GO lineup
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Multiplay announce UK Masters Season 3 details
RE: Why UK CSGO LANs are a problem!
Must Read:ESL UK responds to ESL Premiership qualifiers controversy
The qualified teams for The ESL Premiership
UK Gaming Tours completes line-up of teams

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January 11, 2017

XENEX sign former exceL eSports line-up

After Insomnia 59, XENEX parted ways with their CS:GO roster, as many of the players parted ways with each other. Since then many had been speculating who would be next to wear the red and white of XENEX and over the weekend the roster was confirmed.

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August 1, 2016

Four UK sides to ESEA Main

Last week marked the final week of the European ESEA Intermediate ladder, which played host to a number of European rosters with the hopes of success and move up to the league’s “Main” division.

Among the competing sides were a number of British rosters, some of which having already appeared to have called it quits earlier on in the season. Some rosters, such as the once rising stars of team uFrag (albeit under what appears to be a mixed roster), did not play out the entire season, ruling them out of a position in the ESEA main division.

However, a number of UK sides managed to stick [...]

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April 25, 2016

UKCSGO Weekly Tournament #3 and #4

As you may know, our third weekly tournament was played last Thursday and “Team Noop Hours” came through on top, here we’ll be taking a look back through the tournament as a whole, as well as previewing the next one which you can sign up for here.

It all started at 7PM, the first match on stream was AlwaysOnEco (who we’ve seen in the tournament before, playing under the name TiltSmalling) vs a mix team called Funk. It was a short affair as Funk stayed in control for the whole map, making sure AlwaysOnEco lived up to their name. They won only 4 rounds over the course of the game and were knocked out early. Every other match went off without a hitch, with [...]

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