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epic20: Major upset as CeX beat exceL/Endpoint

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As the epic20 tournament was settling down for the Saturday, with the expected results flying around, it happened. Tournament favourites exceL/Endpoint were thrown into the Lower Bracket by CeX.

Fourth seed CeX were set for their most difficult game of the day as the two sides settled down to face off on a sunny Kettering afternoon. The veto was set and the three maps selected were Dust2, Mirage and Overpass. With many looking to the first map to be an exciting display between the mix and the practiced team, not many expected the map to go in such a dominant fashion one way. CeX heavily took down the mix, featuring some of the UK’s top players, in 20 rounds, as they took the win 16-4.

epic20, resu, cex

resu focusing during his game with exceL/Endpoint

The second map was then set to be interesting, but wasn’t. xLpoint threw a spanner in CeX’s momentum as they threw a wooden crate at the side led by Andrew “resu” Robson. Mirage ended in 16-1 favour to the mix.

The final showdown was Overpass, and it was the close affair many expected the first maps to be. Rounds being thrown between the two sides kept everyone on their toes, but in the end the exchange boys had it. CeX took the final map 16-10 and the series 2-1, making them the first team to the Upper Bracket Final where they’ll face the winner of SKUM v Radix.EID.

Score: exceL/Endpoint (1) 1-2 CeX (4)

Dust2: 4-16
Mirage: 16-1
Overpass: 10-16

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