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epic20: Upper Brackets – Semi-Finals

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As the event progresses throughout the day we creep into the evening games including the Upper Brackets.

Team CeX (4) Vs exceL-Endpoint (1) (Upper Brackets – Semi-Finals)

In our first Upper Bracket Semi-Final game, we saw Team CeX up against favorites exceL-Endpoint. Previously covered in a detailed article by Michael ‘Duck’ Moriarty regarding the major upset. In the Bo3 series, all 3 maps were played out going down to the final straw. On Dust2 Team CeX showed their potential as they dominated the first map 16-4.

Moving onto the second map of the series exceL-Endpoint send a clear message to Team CeX that they mean business closing out Mirage in a convincing 16-1.

Bringing the series to a tense final and third map on Overpass between the two sides it’s only to be end 16-10.  Team CeX create a major upset knocking out seeded no.1 exceL-Endpoint into the Lower Brackets.

Radix eSports (2) Vs SKUM Gaming (6) – (Upper Brackets – Semi-Finals)

Radix eSports face up against SKUM Gaming in the second Upper Semi-Finals. Radix coming into the game off a convincing set of wins including the likes of Chrome Gaming. As for SKUM, they worked their way through the Upper Brackets with ease only dropping 1 map. The first map being Train Radix eSports quickly outclass SKUM Gaming closing out the first map 16-7.

On over to Dust2 SKUM Gaming looking to find a map win and a break back into the game. SKUM Gaming has 10-1 lead over Radix. Yet slowly Radix begins to claw back round after round. Taking it to a 15-12 match point scoreline. Unable to close out the game sooner Radix snatch a map win and close the series out 2-0 sending SKUM into the Lower Brackets & advancing themselves onto the Upper Brackets Finals.


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