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epic.20: An interview with….. CynicJon
epic20: Pre-LAN Interview with…. Resu
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epic20: Team xLpoint take the first place win.
epic20: Lower Finals – Radix eSports Vs xLpoint
epic20: Lower Consolidation – exceL-Point Vs ProjectX
epic20: Upper Bracket Finals – Team CeX Vs Radix eSports
epic20: Upper Brackets – Semi-Finals

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February 19, 2017

epic20: Upper Bracket Finals – Team CeX Vs Radix eSports

The Upper Bracket Finals between Radix eSports and Team CeX. 

Map One: Overpass

To conclude the finals of the Upper Brackets Radix eSports go head to head against Team CeX. Overpass being the map of choice for the first game of the series. Team CeX take an early lead to the first map, progressively Radix eSports claw back some rounds. Immediately, shut down again falling into a spiraling set of lost rounds. Later on in the map Radix come back to life and bring the map to a 15-14 scoreline in favor of CeX. Unfortunate for the Radix side they fall in the first map  16-14.

Map Two: Mirage

Needing to take a map off Team CeX, Radix wins the pistol and take the early lead. [...]

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February 18, 2017

epic20: Upper Brackets – Semi-Finals

As the event progresses throughout the day we creep into the evening games including the Upper Brackets.

Team CeX (4) Vs exceL-Endpoint (1) (Upper Brackets – Semi-Finals)

In our first Upper Bracket Semi-Final game, we saw Team CeX up against favorites exceL-Endpoint. Previously covered in a detailed article by Michael ‘Duck’ Moriarty regarding the major upset. In the Bo3 series, all 3 maps were played out going down to the final straw. On Dust2 Team CeX showed their potential as they dominated the first map 16-4.

Moving onto the second map of the series exceL-Endpoint send a clear message to Team CeX that they mean business closing out Mirage in a [...]

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February 2, 2017

epic20: Pre-LAN Interview with…. Resu

It may not be the ELEAGUE Atlanta Major, but the UK has some of it’s own domestic LAN events to look forward to. The first UK LAN is always a highly competitive affair, mixed with a lot of intriguing results, new lineups, and incredible drama to boot. With epic.TWENTY around the corner in the next couple of weeks, I have started sitting down with various team representatives and their thoughts on a wide ranging array of subjects going over previous LAN results, their thoughts on the UK Scene, epic.LAN in general, and their own team and what they are hoping to achieve with the current roster.

Team CeX at epic.SEVENTEEN in 2016, can they go better [...]

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January 10, 2017

UK Gaming Tours completes line-up of teams

After three qualifiers, and four contentious invites, the ten teams for the inaugural season of the UK Gaming Tours have been completed. All of these teams are set for play, when the league starts on the 17th January. All of which intend to battle it out for spots to the LAN finals.

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