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Team CeX lose two

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Team CeX have announced through Twitter, that they have lost two of their players as the UK scene continues to chop and change since insomnia60. Despite a good second placed finish at epic20 in February, Team CeX had high hopes of making Top 4 for insomnia60. However, as ever everything seemed easier said than done, CeX looked pretty strong during the group stages, but after the pre-elimination game, they failed to make much of an impact throughout the tournament.

They saw themselves lose to Impulse Gaming in a three map series, whilst they managed to navigate past The Goose House 2:0 in the lower bracket. Unfortunately for Team CeX, their seeding was a little overestimated and they ended up facing Crident early on in the lower bracket, who sent them home quite convincingly 2:0.


Team CeX coming second at epic20 (Credit: epic.LAN Gallery)

With all that said and done, it was last night that Team CeX announced via a tweet, that Brody “BrodyyyC” Cullum & Josh “JDD” Denham have now departed the roster, with the reasons left to be unknown. This now leaves the roster in the balance with three players, and Andrew “resu” Robson having to rebuild his team once again despite maintaining that he had built a team around personal friendships on PhoenixUK shortly before insomnia60.

It is another twist to a very long line of twists in the UK scene as it continues to bring in ultimate turmoil as referenced by Elliot “Sed” Brown’s UK team spreadsheet, which has seen numerous revisions since he first brought it about. For any bidding team it is worth getting yourselves listed as it will help build our own knowledge of teams within the UK scene.

Andrew “Resu” Robson had this to say exclusively to UKCSGO:

With the team things got somewhat stale after the disappointing iSeries and motivations dropped low for some of us. Brody and Josh lost a lot of interest in playing and putting time into practice and it began to show with a big dip in form. We had a team talk earlier this week and just asked them if they wanted to put the effort in and both of them decided they didn’t want it enough and decided to take a break from the competitive scene. BrodyC now gyms regularly and is undergoing a body transformation and wants to pursue his dream of being the worlds best 50KG bodybuilder! It was all done on the best of terms I love them as brothers and will probably be used as subs for the weeks to come! The plan now is to get back to it and replace them and move on we have plenty ahead on the horizon in terms of LANs and qualifiers.

This now leaves Team CeX with the following players:

Andrew “resu” Robson
Liam “LiamjS” Scotter
Sam “Astroo” Gresham

We will continue to cover the UK team shuffles as much as possible, so make sure you stay tuned to UKCSGO for all the latest information regarding the scene. Make sure you follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook so you are truly up to date.

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