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CeX Esports undergoes change

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CeX has undergone a major change since it’s 7-8th finish at the recent epicLAN 27.

ManHo “Mrhui” Hui announced today that he is no longer with the CeX roster. The 20-year old rifler tweeted the following:

This leaves the CeX roster into some uncertainty as there has not been a formal announcement nor a replacement. Although, Liam “Murky” Smallwood tweeted that the team is looking for one to replace “MrHui”. When the team has announced the replacement, this article will be updated.

The team began well on Friday, finishing 5-2, second in the group. They lost to Legion Gaming and fish123, the latter being the winners of the event. To view, a full breakdown of the group stages click here.

On Saturday, CeX defeated Operation Aesthetics but then lost to Demise in the lower consolidation 2 round.  

Therefore, the CeX roster did not manage to walk away with any prize money from epicLAN 27. A full recap of the prizes and final placements from epicLAN 27 can be viewed here.

However, the team has shown to be extremely consistent, as CeX managed to win seven out of their ten games, showing some great performances in some. The team does still have the potential to be contenders for a championship once more.

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