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A Fresh Start for Endpoint

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After numerous issues, Team Endpoint have announced they will be making a “fresh start”.

Rather than a statement on their official website, a TwitLonger appeared stating that the org had ran into several problems.

“Ranging from visa issues to individual conflicts,” the issues have ultimately led to Endpoint looking for a new team.

The statement also reveals the departure of long-time Endpoint player Max “Mightymax” Heath. After nearly three years under the Endpoint banner, he will be looking for a new team to call home.

“Whilst we haven’t had an official contracted 5 players for quite some time, we want to thank the players that have been involved in the journey over the last few months. Their willingness, dedication and commitment has been refreshing at times.”

It will certainly be interesting to see what will be next for Team Endpoint. As a staple of the UK CS scene, we hope that they return with a solid roster in the near future.

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