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ghil signs to Reason Gaming

Reason expands as British Counter-Strike shrinks.

by Kai England
Reason Gaming expanded their operations by signing Ben “ghil” Nicholson as a streamer. With the recent success of their CS2 team as well as their expansion into the world of content creation, Reason Gaming looks to provide hope for the UK CS scene as other teams face difficulties.
Reason Gaming was founded in 2003, initially starting with Counter-Strike 1.6 the organisation quickly expanded to other competitive games, recruiting players globally. Over two decades, Reason Gaming has competed in major tournaments worldwide including featuring at one Valve Major. Beyond their international recognition, Reason Gaming has recently began investing in it’s own local team, having a local UK CS roster headlined by Alex “Byfield” Byfield.
Having previously tasted success with streaming his Ruby League Games, the transition to content creator is not surprising for ghil. In addition, ghil holds a reputation as a “jokey player”. Now aiming to “enhance his personal brand and reputation” by joining Reason as a streamer, ghil holds all the ingredients for success, we just have to let him cook.
I decided to join Reason because of who they are and what they represent in UKCS. Affiliation with a well-known esports organisation, such as Reason, can enhance my personal brand and reputation. It will also hopefully increase my own visibility in the gaming community and attract more followers, sponsorships, and opportunities. Also with players like Byfield who are under the organisation, they have had nothing but good things to say about the org and the people surrounding it, so I’m looking forward to getting settled in and hopefully creating growth for both parties.
The tweet also hints at future content that Reason Gaming and ghil will provide, which should help to solidify their place within the UK scene. ghil looks to delve into some new ideas with a UKCS draft alongside UK CS news.
Well the past week or so has kind of been focused towards my new direction I want to go in for content. Concentrating most of my attention on UK CS news, such as roster moves or drama has been quite big. As much as people might disagree with the platform I am giving some people, it’s what viewers are wanting and I don’t mind giving them that. So I’m looking to continue that path, focusing around UK CS stuff and seeing how it goes. Today, for my announcement stream I did the UK CS draft set up by mischief, so this kind of content will also be a priority for me. Besides this, I’ll just be doing what I’ve always done, stream me playing games, whether it be CS like pro league, or other games.
Reason Gaming look to come back from previous setbacks and provide some stimulus to a declining scene after the recent issues that affected EXO and Raptors were felt throughout the scene. The British organisation recently announced the renewal of their team’s contract ahead of the next EPIC.LAN and UKIC season in July.

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