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Thomas announces 5W departure, citing scamming and communications breakdown

The British in-game leader is yet to find a permanent home.

by Oskar "oskarscot" Budzisz

After just 30 days with the Indian organisation, the British in-game leader announced in a post on X that his team would be leaving the organisation. The roster behind 5W has disbanded after the players were allegedly “scammed” and the organisation “stopped all communication with players,” according to Thomas “Thomas” Utting.

5W announced their first-ever lineup earlier this year, featuring Joel “joel” Holmund, Hristiyan “REDSTAR” Pironkov, Deyvid “h4rn” Benchev, Luca “pr1metapz” Voigt, and Thomas “Thomas” Utting. The international project marked Thomas’ first step out of Into the Breach where he was benched in March after leading the organisation to their first ever Major.

Thomas added more insight into the situation, revealing details on the initial signing. “Interestingly, they paid several players upfront to sign, then totally vanished, I don’t understand the logic of sending half the payments then just dipping and refusing to communicate anymore.”

According to Thomas, the organisation was backed by wealthy owners, so funding wasn’t the problem. The bizzare downfall began when 5W fired the general manager, which was quickly followed by a decrease in the organisation’s social media presence, reportedly due to the media person being fired. Questions quickly emerged when the organisation stopped communicating with the players and went completely silent.

At the time of writing, 5W has erased all traces of their social media presence and suspended their accounts. All proof of the organisation’s existence has been removed. The lack of any official statement or explanation from 5W only adds to the mystery surrounding their sudden exit.

Despite the team’s initial desire to stay together and continue their progress, they ultimately decided to split up after they came out victorious over 3DMAX at Regional Clash Arena Europe 2024. Against all efforts the roster could not stay intact and decided to separate following their short success, allowing everyone to become free agents and search for new opportunities.

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