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epic22: The Battle of the CeXes

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Group B played host to both the CeX mix team seeded second and the Disappointing CeX team seeded sixth. Things hadn’t gone particularly well for the disappointing side so far, who managed to lose to both Cryptick and the unseeded OBN.Mix team. Prior to their final game, they had only mustered up wins against Team Ghost and Fragging 4 Artur, a team who collectively at this point had won a total of ten rounds through the group stage.

The final game of the groups saw both of the CeX mix teams go head to head. The more successful of the two already had cleared the group with wins across the board. However, the other side coming in were at grave risk of potentially not making it into the elimination stage. Being all tied up with fourteenth seed Team Ghost in all but points difference, a loss could have meant an early exit if the Ghost side won their final match up.

The veto resulted in the two teams being pitted against each other on inferno. A clumsy knife round allowed the DCeX side to start the game off on the advantageous CT side. This did allow them to get a comfortable number of rounds on the board for them to attempt to capitalise on during the second half. Towards the end of the game, it did seem like CeX were faltering somewhat allowing their juniors to get the better of them for a couple of rounds.

The game ended with a scoreline much closer than would have been expected, despite the second seeded CeX side taking the win 16 – 11. This means that between Disappointing CeX and Team Ghost there is a tie for the fourth position, resulting in the fourth place going to the time with the greatest round difference.

After the Cryptick game, Team Ghost had also managed a closer score line than might have been expecting, also at 16 – 11 However, prior to the games the DCeX side were already 26 rounds ahead. With the scores as they were, the Disappointing CeX side will progress through the group stage by the skin of their teeth.


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