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October 15, 2017

epic22: Final Standings

The epic22 CS:GO tournament has now come to an end with CeX beating eDen esports on two maps, to win the best-of-five grand final 3-0 including their upper bracket map advantage. It has been a packed weekend, full of upsets and surprise results, with a couple that are worth their own mentions. Of course, CeX taking the win is not neccesarily a surprising result, but their grand final opposition eDen esports had to fight tooth and nail to make it there, even overcoming the first seed Enclave Gaming.

The London LYNX side managed to out-do their seed, despite a rocky start to the tournament with a few hurdles in the group stage. The found themselves up against the first seed [...]

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October 15, 2017

epic22: Top Seed Out Third, eDen to Final

Last nights win over London Lynx saw the eDen esports side progress in to the lower bracket final, where a confident Enclave team were waiting for them. The Enclave side had made most of their journey through the upper bracket, before being beaten by the second seeded CeX side in a two to zero series.

Up to that point, the eDen side had a much more rocky route through the brackets. After leaving the groups in second position, they had to play both CeX teams one after the other. Being successful against the disappointing CeX side, they fell foul to the less disappointing CeX side seeing them drop to the lower bracket in the second round.

As their eventual fellow [...]

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October 14, 2017

epic22: First Team to Finals Confirmed

The upper bracket final took place between Team CeX, a team who had not dropped a single map by this point in the tournament, and Enclave Gaming, the tournament first seed who had numerous run-ins with London Lynx on their path through both the groups and the upper bracket.

Map one, de_inferno, had been played by both teams through the event. CeX had nothing but success so far, and hence were cool, calm and collected heading in to the game. For the Enclave side, the memory of their loss to London Lynx on the map was likely still in the forefront of their minds.

They went on to make many similar mistakes to those that they had made earlier in the day, losing out players [...]

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October 14, 2017

epic22: Enclave Fend off Lynx Challenge

Last night’s group stage finished off with the down on their luck London Lynx side taking on the hot favourites Enclave Gaming. The matchup saw the Lynx team push Enclave all the way on de_cbble, stopping just short of the win and taking away a tie and an extra point in the groups.

Following the first round matches in the elimination bracket, where the Lynx side dropped the surprise Opulent side and Enclave overcame the Madison Ivy side, the teams found themselves head to head once again.

The first map, de_inferno, kicked off with Lynx on the CT side. An initial pistol round loss saw Enclave with an early lead, but they were swiftly put straight on to the back [...]

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