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epic22: The Seedings

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The CS:GO tournament at epic 22 is due to start within the next hour, and with that, the seedings for the event have just been announced. As ever, the seeds have been generated by the tournament admins based on their knowledge and the history of the teams and players involved. They are used to structure the groups to ensure that the tournament is not heavily stacked out with too many “groups of death”.

epic 22 Seeds:

1. Enclave Gaming
2. Team CeX
3. eDen esports
4. ProjectX

5. London Lynx
6. Disappointing CeX
7. mYinsanity
8. Madison Ivy

9. The Goose House
10. Cryptick
11. A Spliff in Coventry
12. Cardinals

13. Rasta
14. Ghost
15. OMEN eSports
16. Enraged eSports


The seeds are somewhat reflective of the preview published a few days earlier, with a few notable shuffles. The top seed goes the way of Enclave Gaming, a team housing a couple of the iSeries winners and some of their former team mates. The CeX mix team have found themselves in second, though it is fair to say the top spot is probably going to be hotly contended between these two teams.

Despite a number of teams being tied up with the Gfinity Elite Series this weekend, the seeds still look rather stacked. Whilst it might be easier to predict a winner, the middle ground is much harder to call.


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