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Gfinity Elite Series S2: Week Two Preview

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This weekend will see the second round of games in the second edition of the Gfinity elite series. Last week’s matches all came in as predicted with the majority of the scores coming in pretty close to our estimation. The biggest surprise was the Method versus Prophecy game, which saw Method take an impressive run on their terrorist side of de_train, ultimately ending up with a 16-8 scoreline.

Reason Gaming vs Prophecy

This week the team on the end of that loss, the Bulgarian Prophecy side, find themselves up against Reason Gaming, a team who also lost their first round match. The Reason side however were arguably up against tougher opponents, the EnVyUs Academy side, who had the experience of last season firmly under their belt. Both teams will be needing a win this week, however the Prophecy side are certainly most in need having failed to secure the bonus point for gaining 10 rounds in a lost game.

The Danish side looked much stronger in week one despite losing, and their composure as a team was certainly much more present than the Prophecy side. Going from last weeks performances, the Reason side should be the favourites for this game, and it could mean another pointless week for Prophecy.

Prediction: 16 – 9 – Reason Gaming


Endpoint vs exceL

Another of the winning sides from last week, team Endpoint, will find themselves against the fourth place finishers of last season. exceL appeared to struggle to get into their match against Epsilon last week, despite the final score of 16 – 12. On the other hand, the Endpoint team also almost struggled to find their form, however they bested team Infused also with a 16 – 12 scoreline.

With Endpoints roster changes working heavily in their favour, they should be able to come out on top of the exceL side. However with that being said, it is easy that the Epsilon game last week could have been a blip for exceL. I would expect this to be a closer game, though the final score line might not suggest it.

Prediction: 16 – 10 – Endpoint


EnVyUs Academy vs Team Infused

The Infused team lost their game last week after sloppily losing rounds late into their executes on de_cbble against Endpoint. In their post match interview, Neil “Neil_M” Murphy acknowleged the errors and hence I am expecting an improved Infused side to show up this week. They knew exactly where they went wrong, and I imagine they have been working very hard to remedy the problems.

EnVyUs started off strong last week with a win over the Danish newcomers. I don’t imagine that Team Infused will have what it takes to be the first across the line, however if they focus on improving from last week this could be a close game. The French will win, but Infused will make them work for it.

Prediction: 16 – 13 – EnVyUs Academy


Epsilon vs Method

The only game of week two that sees week one winners go head to head. Both teams looked pretty impressive last week, though it is difficult not to overlook the fact that it might not be comparing apples with apples. The exceL side are a strong team, but the Prophecy roster an unproven and hence Method’s win might mean less than that of Epsilon.

It is not difficult to see that this could be another close game, with both teams keen to continue with their winning ways. Epsilon are the favourites, but a veto in favour of Method like last week could go a long way.

Prediction: 16 – 12 – Epsilon



The games this week kick off from 4 pm on the Gfinity stream, so make sure to tune in.

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