VALVe release beta client for new Dust2 remodel

by AzuuraJOctober 11, 2017

VALVe have done it again. A full 365 days since the new Inferno was first shown to the public in a beta state and the Counter Strike staple de_dust2 has been re-released. Visually the update is a complete overhaul of the map. Not a single stone has been left un-textured as the historic map once set in the middle east has become a small North African town. The bland pallette of yellows and browns has been mixed up and a splash of colour and visual fidelity has been added to the map.

Textures are quadruple the size what they were previously meaning you’ll no longer have to wonder if it was a head or a bit of rock you just shot at however, sadly, our friendly Chickens are nowhere to be seen. VALVe also added some new Terrorist models to match with the new high definition map.

“All these visual upgrades are going to tank my computer, ahhhhhh!”

Wrong! Although this was tested on a mid-to-high end i7-6700 / Nvidia GTX 1070 system, framerates remained constantly above 144fps with the following settings:

While nothing Tactically has changed about the map, VALVe are looking for feedback on the map’s layout and tactics to see if anything can be changed (opened up B site skybox anyone?)

Below is a few screenshots highlighting the map and it’s new looks. Along with a video flythrough posted at the bottom

Looking to T Spawn and B Tunnels

A birds-eye spectator view of the new A site. Dark areas on the walls have been removed

From Lower B Tunnels to Upper B Tunnels

While raising the bar with graphics, VALVe removed another one.

A Site featuring the new “Goose”

Lower tunnels looking into mid

The Long area is now a fully fledged high street. Pharmacy and all

Looking into Middle from B

And another angle

The upgraded B site

The new Mid removes any hard-to-see dark areas from Tunnels and Lower mid

Long doors

The video flythrough can be found HERE

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