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epic22: Group Stage

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The group standings have been released for the epic 22 CS:GO tournament. The first stage of the tournament sees four groups of nominally six teams, from which the top four will advance in to sixteen team elimination bracket.

Due to the tournament having just 22 teams, a couple of the groups have a “bye” that will give some of the teams an additional break in between one of their games.

On the face of it the groups appear pretty stacked, however that is mainly due to the fact that there are numerous teams hovering around the upper-middle of the seedings that could almost be interchanged. Hence, the groups could easily be more exciting than one could normally expect from a UK LAN group stage.

Both of the CeX iterations, seeds 2 and 6, have found themselves in the same group. This will seem them go head to head earlier on the in the tournament, a should truly show which of them is disappointing after all.

epic22 Group Stage:

[table id=23 /] [table id=25 /] [table id=26 /] [table id=30 /]


Note: This post was updated following the groups being re-organised to ensure each group had the same number of seeds.

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