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epic22: Groups Come to a Close in Kettering

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With the final few games finishing off just moments ago, the group stage of the Counter-Strike tournament at epic22 has come to its end. The group stage was not by any means a boring one, and it is not exactly surprising that there have been some upsets with the number of seeds packed into each of the four groups.

There were upsets across the board, starting out with the defeat of London Lynx at the hands of The Goose House in the very first round. They almost managed to do something special themselves though by taking Enclave Gaming, the tournament first seed, all the way and ending the game with a tie. In the end, they ended up third in their group on account of their rocky start to the day.

The unseeded Opulent side are the only non-seeded team to make it out of the group stage and into the elimination. After getting off to a good start and defeating the eighth seed in their first game, they then went on to push ProjectX and lose by only four rounds. Wins over both Cardinals and Enraged eSports see them advance in the second place position, which should put them in good standing for the first match in the elimination.

Perhaps a bigger surprise is the standings in Group C, where the group’s top seed eDen esports find themselves progressing in the second place position due to a loss in their final game to mYinsanity. The mYinsanity team would have almost executed the perfect group had they not themselves suffered a draw against the “A Spliff in Coventry” side, who also progress.

Despite the CeX-bowl, the OBN.Mix team managed to drop twelve rounds to Fragging 4 Artur, meaning that they are eliminated on round difference, pushing the DCeX side to third place and allowing Team Ghost to advance in fourth.


The teams through to the elimination bracket are:

Enclave Gaming (1)

Team CeX (2)

mYinsanity (7)

ProjectX (4)


The Goose House (9)

Cryptick (10)

eDen eSports (3)

Opulent (unseeded)


London Lynx (5)

Disappointing CeX (6)

A Spliff in Coventry (11)

Cardinals (12)


Rasta (13)

Team Ghost (14)

Omen eSports (15)

Madison Ivy (8)


The final group standings can be found here.

The elimination bracket is due to start any moment now, so we will update you when the match ups are known.



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