epic22: Top Seed Out Third, eDen to Final

by orclOctober 15, 2017

Last nights win over London Lynx saw the eDen esports side progress in to the lower bracket final, where a confident Enclave team were waiting for them. The Enclave side had made most of their journey through the upper bracket, before being beaten by the second seeded CeX side in a two to zero series.

Up to that point, the eDen side had a much more rocky route through the brackets. After leaving the groups in second position, they had to play both CeX teams one after the other. Being successful against the disappointing CeX side, they fell foul to the less disappointing CeX side seeing them drop to the lower bracket in the second round.

As their eventual fellow finalists made their way comfortably through the upper bracket without so much as dropping a single map, the eDen side now had a much tougher road ahead of them, with the threat of elimination hanging over them every game.

Perhaps being eased into it somewhat, their first game came against the Opulent side that had been turning heads since their surprise progression from the group stage. A 2 – 1 win saw eDen progress past them to come up against Cryptick, anther upset side who had far outperformed their seed and put up more of a fight than would have been expected. Another 2 – 0 series then placed them against ProjectX, arguably their toughest opponent thus far in the lower bracket. They lost a map, but that didn’t stop the,,m from taking the series.

In the early hours of the morning the lower consolidation final unfolded between London Lynx and eDen, seeing eDen win the game and progress to meet Enclave in this morning’s game.

After domination in the first half of map one, de_inferno, the eDen side were in an incredibly strong position with a nine round lead over their counterparts. This didn’t stop Enclave from almost staging a comeback, but it seemed the damage done was too great and eDen took the first map, though in the end with a closer scoreline.

Map two, de_cbble, started with eDen on the CT side. They were straight back into domination of a similar standard to that on inferno. The Enclave side looked and sounded like they were falling apart from the inside. Clearly demoralised, they went on to struggle on their own CT half and eventually lose the game.

Therefore, the grand final of epic 22 will be fought between CeX, the second seed, and eDen esports, originally seeded third but found themselves in the sixth seed route going into the bracket.

eDen esports beat Enclave Gaming to progress to the final

eDen esports route to the final:

Group C: 4 wins, 1 loss (to mYinsanity)

Upper bracket round 1: eDen esports vs DCeX (2 – 0)

Upper bracket semi final: eDen esports vs CeX (0 – 2)

Lower bracket round 2: eDen esports vs Opulent (2 – 0)

Lower bracket round 3: eDen esports vs Cryptick (2 – 1)

Lower bracket round 4: eDen esports vs ProjectX (2 – 1)

Lower consolidation final: eDen esports vs London Lynx (2 – 0)

Lower bracket final: eDen esports vs Enclave Gaming (2 – 0)


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