epic22: Final Standings

by orclOctober 15, 2017

The epic22 CS:GO tournament has now come to an end with CeX beating eDen esports on two maps, to win the best-of-five grand final 3-0 including their upper bracket map advantage. It has been a packed weekend, full of upsets and surprise results, with a couple that are worth their own mentions. Of course, CeX taking the win is not neccesarily a surprising result, but their grand final opposition eDen esports had to fight tooth and nail to make it there, even overcoming the first seed Enclave Gaming.

The London LYNX side managed to out-do their seed, despite a rocky start to the tournament with a few hurdles in the group stage. The found themselves up against the first seed twice throughout the competition, beating them on one map, but falling short on the others. They were also the team to beat mYinsanity, who themselves have had an impressive event, finishing within the top six.

Just one seeded team failed to make it out of the group, Enraged eSports, meaning that the standings include one unseeded side. The Opulent team managed to advance from group D in the second position beating all but ProjectX. Their finish within the top twelve is well deserved. Only two seeds ended up finishing within their seeded position, The Goose House (9th-12th) and OMEN eSports (13th-16th).

epic22 Final Standings:

1. CeX (2)
2. eDen esports (3)
3. Enclave Gaming (1)
4. London LYNX (5)

5/6. mYinsanity (7)
5/6.  ProjectX (4)

7/8. Cryptick (10)
7/8. Team Ghost (14)

9-12. Disappointing CeX (6)
9-12. The Goose House (9)
9-12. Rasta (13)
9-12. Opulent (unseeded)

13-16. Madison Ivy (8)
13-16. Cardinals (12)
13-16. A Spliff in Coventry (11)
13-16. OMEN eSports (15)


That concludes our coverage of epic22. Make sure to stay tuned to the website for more coverage of other events, such as the Gfinity Elite Series.

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