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epic20: Upper Bracket Finals – Team CeX Vs Radix eSports

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The Upper Bracket Finals between Radix eSports and Team CeX. 

Map One: Overpass

To conclude the finals of the Upper Brackets Radix eSports go head to head against Team CeX. Overpass being the map of choice for the first game of the series. Team CeX take an early lead to the first map, progressively Radix eSports claw back some rounds. Immediately, shut down again falling into a spiraling set of lost rounds. Later on in the map Radix come back to life and bring the map to a 15-14 scoreline in favor of CeX. Unfortunate for the Radix side they fall in the first map  16-14.

Map Two: Mirage

Needing to take a map off Team CeX, Radix wins the pistol and take the early lead. Shortly, CeX pushes forwards and takes the lead. Throughout the entirety of the game, Team CeX are always one step ahead in a game of cat and mouse between Team CeX and Radix eSports. Every time Radix shows a sign of life it’s stamped out by CeX. The map finishes at a scoreline of 16-13 after Logzi fails to clutch it out. Mirage sends Team CeX to the finals.

The finals will be played out at 12:00 tomorrow. Team CeX will be up against the winner of the Lower Finals.


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