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Gfinity announce first 4 in Elite Series

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Gfinity have revealed the first four organisations to fill the spots in their new Elite Series. These four UK based organisations have been given ground floor access to what is set out to the be proving ground for UK players who want to push their gameplay to the next level. Alongside Counter Stike:Global Offensive, Rocket League and Street Fighter V will be part of the Elite Series giving a wide spread of gaming genres.

The first four organisations are:

  • excel eSports – Established in 2014 by brothers Joel and Kieran, excel has seen success in a number of titles, including Top 12 finishes in the Halo World Championships and Top 4 in the UK League of Legends Premiership
  • Reason Gaming – Formed over 10 years ago, Reason has a strong pedigree in the UK eSports scene, with multiple 1st and top 3 finishes across a range of titles, including League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), Hearthstone and Overwatch
  • Prophecy– With a rich history in Europe’s Call Of Duty (COD) scene, Prophecy entered eSports in 2011, proving themselves to be Europe’s most popular COD team. They recently rebooted the organisation
  • Infused – More than a decade in eSports makes Infused one of the longest running organisations in the UK eSports scene and one of the most successful with 90+ top 3 finishes. Well known for their CSGO and COD teams, Infused have also achieved top place finishes in Halo, Gears of War and Rainbow Six tournaments

This is not the end of the announcements to come out of the Gfinity camp. They are set to announce more oganisations in the coming weeks. The Elite Series officially kicks off on 26th May, and is set to run for 10 weeks. This gives these organisations two months to complete any rosters that need filling for the three titles.

As a UK-based company, we’re really proud to announce that the first four teams competing in our inaugural Gfinity Elite Series have deep roots here in the UK, and a proud history and reputation for excellence in the UK and international eSports community. There is incredible eSports talent here in the UK, from team managers to players, and the Elite Series is our commitment to providing them with a world-class tournament that they can compete in year-after-year, helping to bring more exposure to the UK scene. This is shaping up to be a hugely exciting tournament that showcases, supports and invests in the future of UK players and teams. Watch this space for more exciting team announcements in the coming weeks. – Neville Upton, CEO, Gfinity plc – Source: Gfinity announcement

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