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UK Masters reaches playoffs

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UK Masters Season 3, or Spring 2017 as they like to call it, has reached its final pre-lan stages – the playoffs. The top four teams from the weekly round-robin have qualified for the playoff stages of the UK Masters Spring season which is set to take place on April 1st/2nd. This best-of-three double elimination playoff will finish with just two teams left standing to compete at the live stage finals at Insomnia60 later that month.

The Teams

FM eSports

FM eSports emerged the strongest team from the round-robin stage with a record of 5 wins, 2 draws. They were slow out of the gates, picking up both their draws in week 1 against exceL and Team XENEX, but then carried on to continue the season unbeaten. With the two teams that managed a draw against FM not making it to the playoffs, we should be looking to see them make it all the way to the finals to attempt a second concurrent UK Masters title.

Expected Roster

Neil “nEiLZiNHo”  Finlay
Brandon “weber” Weber
Aaron “frei” Frei
Reece “Puls3” Marrs
Tramaine “stan1ey” Stanley


Fish123 got off to a flying start picking up three very quick wins, two in week one and a third at the start of week two. However, they then ran into FM eSports who put the first loss on the board for this respected mix team. By the end of the season, Fish123 had 4 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses. Their other loss of the playoffs was against our third place team, Imperial. This could make for an interesting fight for second place.

Expected Roster

Jamie “keita” Hall
Connor “Sliggy” Blomfield
Robin “ROBIiN” Sjögren
Jake “batham” Batham
Konstantinos “tsack” Theodoropoulos
Jerome “Roma” Parramore
Mike “mikeS” Tuns


Sitting in third place, Imperial had some close matchups throughout the season causing them to pick up three draws making them just one point shy of claiming second place. Picking up a win over Fish123 and a draw over the final team to make it to the playoffs, Endpoint, really heats things up for these three teams.

Expected Roster

Jake “JAKEM” McCausland
Craig “REAZN” Brackenridge
Phil “Whindanski” Nicholas
Jake “Boaster” Howlett
Conor “conoR” McCool
Luís “ZELIN” Lousada


The undeniable first place team in UKGT, Endpoint had a rough run through UK Masters. They matched Imperial on wins, scoring three, but then only managed one draw, making their last three results losses. With Endpoint losing against Fish123, and drawing with Imperial, the hopes of them making it to the finals again are slim, but with their recent roster changes maybe that can give them the push they need to make it to the finals again.

Expected Roster

Ian “Immi” Harding –
Max “MiGHTYMAX” Heath
Ben “Esio” Doughty
Marco “SparkeR” Forte
Alex “Snodz” Byfield –
Pete “Pt” Wright
James “Kryptix” Affleck

UK Masters Trophy

UK Masters Trophy

No matter what happens, it’s going to be a great weekend of CSGO. Games are set to kick off at 4pm on April 1st, with the two upper bracket games taking place, followed by the first lower bracket game at 7pm. This schedule then repeats on the Sunday starting with the upper bracket final, the winner of which will be the first team to qualify for the live final at Insomnia60. Then at 7pm the lower bracket final will be played with the winning team joining the other qualified team at Insomnia60.

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