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UKCSGO is teaming up with ASTRO Gaming to bring you a 64 team single elimination tournament with a prize pool of 5 ASTRO A40 headsets and 10,000 FaceIT points. The tournament is a best-of-one single elimination tournament but with a best-of-three final. The best-of-three finals is only made possible due to the great support from FaceIT, tying our tournament into their development platform where they are currently working on best-of-three tournaments.

The winning team will walk away with a pair of ASTRO A40s each

We have also added 10,000 FaceIT points to the prize pool, splitting them between the top 4 teams. First place will get 6,000 points, 2nd gets 2,000, and 3rd/4th get 1,000 points each.

The tournament will start at 3pm on Saturday 1st of April. The first 4 rounds will be played on the Saturday, then the semi finals and best-of-three final will take place on the Sunday, starting at 6pm.

The whole event will be streamed on our Twitch Channel so be sure to tune in throughout the weekend to watch the tournament unfold.

Signups are now open over on our FaceIT page and spots are first come, first serve. As always, once the tournament is full you will get a second chance to enter 30 minutes after check-in as any team that hasn’t checked in will be automatically dropped from the cup making their spot available.

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