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Gfinity confirm rosters for Elite Series Season 2

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With the second season of the Gfinity Elite Series CSGO tournament coming up this Saturday, the rosters for the UK-based competition have been released by the organisers. There have been some drastic changes to rosters in the build-up to this season, most surprisingly of which is last seasons winners, Epsilon, choosing to switch out their entire team despite a dominant season one. Epsilon’s roster is also missing three other players currently under contract, including Owen “smooya” Butterfield, who won’t be able to compete this season.

The other finalist from last season, Prophecy, have also renovated their roster, seeing the international team replaced by some of ex-Outlaws. Another drastic change, which hits a little closer to home, is the decision made by Reason Gaming, who swapped out their UK roster and returned to Denmark to field their new team. However, a few of their players from last season were successfully drafted onto other teams so we most likely haven’t seen the last of some of them on the Gfinity Elite Series stage.

The Gfinity Elite Series Season 2 full rosters are:

EnVyUs Academy Epsilon exceL Prophecy
JACKZ Jayzwalkingz Boaster Rock1ng
Lambert Moken Jakem NK4Y
VKLL Ericip Conor minq
PetitSkel Kevzy Luzuh GeKo
hAdji Zinken Whindanski Xek
M: Neoskai C: Chrille (CINDER) (BrotherS)
(xms) (Evy) (Quix) (HoodluM)
(Jba) (Xaisty) (weber) (kARMApangYa)
Reason Infused Method Endpoint
haste AaroN CRUC1AL Immi
Basso Danceyz Jenko FASHR
KS Fre1 neilzinho MiGHTYMAX
MINET MCK Puls3 stan1ey
TeSeS Zed Surreal ync
(rezex) (Batham) M: onscreen C: Jak3y
(thamlike) (Jesp) (mole) (ec1s)
(zEO) (Ruleh) (Pickles) (Thomas)

Players names in brackets are subs / drafts. Nicknames with “C:” in front of them represent the team’s coach, “M:” represents manager.

Outside of that, no drastic changes have been made. Endpoint’s new roster has been covered already, with them bringing in two new players from the continent. Season two kicks off on the 6th of October with Street Fighter V starting the show, then on the 7th, CSGO shares the stage with the Rocket League players. As reported earlier, the CSGO event has been changed from a best of two, to a best of one because of this format change. Tickets went on sale last week for the whole season so grab some while you can.


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