epic20: Team xLpoint take the first place win.

by Michael MoriartyFebruary 19, 2017

In the epic20 Grand Final Sunday morning, the exceL Endpoint mix team headed off against CeX. Team xLpoint had a long ride through the Lower Bracket, which included a 8:30am start this morning.

As CeX won the Upper Bracket Final against Radix.EID on the Saturday evening, they started off with a 1-0 map advantage. The first map the teams played was Mirage. Similar to the Upper Bracket Semi-Final where the two sides faced off on Saturday, xLpoint had Mirage won in a dominant fashion, winning it over resu and co 16-3.

The second map was Overpass, and similar to the previous day’s play it was a close map. At the half there was nothing to separate the two sides as they battled for the lead of the series. In the end, however, it was the mix that ran off with the win, countering the yesterday’s result. A 16-12 win for xLpoint had them within touching distance of the trophy.

exceL Endpoint win epic20

Finally, it was Nuke. With a close 8-7 lead for exceL Endpoint at the half on their CT side, they put their strong T side to work in the second half. A bit of to-and-fro later, the match ended in the favour of the mix as they win 16-11.

With a 3-1 win over CeX, the mix of some of the UK’s greatest players took this LAN’s trophy. The top four teams are:

First: exceL Endpoint (£1575)
Second: Team CeX (£800)
Third: Radix.EID (£275)
Fourth: Team ProjectX


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