The Goose House announce new CS:GO roster.

by DekJune 30, 2017

The Goose House are a team that sits on the fringes of UKCS, making some fairly surprising results at LAN events up and down the country. After an epic.LAN result that was less than satisfactory, dropping out in the first Lower Bracket round, the squad has made a couple changes, and brought in a coach. This sees two UK Scene stars join the ranks, including a well known name. In coach, they see former MnM and EZSKINS player Luke “fearLess” Morris take the position to give a guiding hand in the team’s growth. The Australian import and former Bulldog eSports IGL Nick “bMagic” Friday comes in to replace Tattie, and take over IGL duties from Jack in the team.

This is what Luke “fearLess” Morris has to say about the changes:

“It’s time to take what I’ve learned over the years and use it to help progress a great bunch of guys into a winning team. I honestly wouldn’t put my time and effort into improving these guys if I didn’t see the potential in them that I see now. I look forward to working with Dek and the team over at The Goose House and hopefully together we can start making a dent in the scene.”

The new The Goose House line-up is as follows:

Jack “Jack” Harrison
Nick “bMagic” Friday
Tyler “AcEY” Davies
Luke “LukeJM” Milliner
Eddie “Eddie” Fraser

Luke “fearLess” Morris (coach)

The management at TGH had this to say on the roster change:

“We are all very happy with the new line-up. We thank Tattie for everything he brought to the team over the last 12 months and hope he finds a new team asap. With the addition of bMagic and fearLess I hope we are able to push the team to the next level. Looking forward to the rest of the season!”

The full announcement is available on The Goose House website here.

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