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Insomnia 63: Intermediate Tournament – Live!

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With the huge £30k prize pool up for grabs at i63, the top 16 teams at the tournament are awarded prize money. This means the intermediate tournament is more competitive than ever with £1,250 being awarded to the winning team. On Saturday, the Intermediate tournament consisted of 5 rounds of matches in a Swiss format followed by bracket play on Sunday.

The Swiss stage final standings can be found here: https://battlefy.com/ukmasters/insomnia-63-csgo-intermediate/5b803896ca8f0f03cf146271/stage/5b813794f471c203979f85d1/results

The full bracket for the playoff stage can be found here: https://battlefy.com/ukmasters/insomnia-63-csgo-intermediate-playoffs/5b81445b314a5403b1bf8e2c/stage/5b81b2b2ca8f0f03cf14b6e5/bracket/

All matches will be BO1 other than the final which will be BO3.

Round 1

Most teams were awarded a bye in round 1 and progressed straight into the round of 16. Only the final few seeds played in this round.

Nans On Lan 1 : 0 Always Late-
International Plebs 1 : 0 Pub Quiz Champs
Heads Down Thumbs Up 1 : 0 OverPowered Vortex

Round of 16

Chetz esports 1 : 0 Nans On Lan
Team monkaS 1 : 0 Cosconia.MIX
Kicked Dropped Reformed 1 : 0 Chillblast
SalientGG 0 : 1 Could Be Your Dad
Swing Daddy 1 : 0 International Plebs
Rasta 1 : 0 Devine eSports
Mighty Luckers 1 : 0 Heads Down Thumbs Up
Heart&Soul 0 : 1 Chetz BG

Quarter Finals

Chetz esports 1 : 0 Team monkaS
Kicked Dropped Reformed 1 : 0 Could Be Your Dad
Swing Daddy 1 : 0 Rasta
Mighty Luckers 1 : 0 Chetz BG

Semi Finals

Chetz esports 1 : 0 Kicked Dropped Reformed
Swing Daddy 1 : 0 Mighty Luckers


Chetz esports 2 : 0 Swing Daddy

Chetz esports are the winners of the Intermediate tournament and take home the grand prize of £1,250!

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