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insomnia57: End of Groups – Part 1

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After a day filled with both exciting upsets as well perhaps a few delays, suffice to say score’s are in and we have finally reached the beginning of Day 2, insomnia57. With that all said let’s take a jump back to the end of groups last night, closing out at just 2am, sure to be another night filled with potential upsets and surprise comeback’s.

Group A

Rank Team Name Wins Loss’s Points
1 PRIDE 7 0 21
2 Monumentalis 5 2 15
3 Odin eSports 5 2 15
4 Str8Face 4 3 12
5 Kicked Dropped Reformed 4 3 12
6 Animal PC 2 5 6

First, on our list of groups is Group A, an overly interesting group containing teams such as PRIDE, formerly Team Refuse, who took smooth victory in the insomnia57 online qualifier’s. This followed on quite nicely from the polish side, able to cleanly sweep aside any competition taking a 7 – 0 victory. Further, we received two head-to-head matchup’s between Monumentalis / Odin eSports, Monumentalis coming out as expected, on top, allowing for them to move on ahead with PRIDE into the prize-winning bracket. Lower down in Group A we saw the second head-to-head matchup take place between Str8Face / Kicked Dropped Reformed with the former taking victory.

Group B

Rank Team Name Wins Loss’s Points
1 Pick ‘N’ Mix 7 0 21
2 FM eSports 6 1 18
3 Nether eSports 4 3 12
4 MixedVibes 4 3 12
5 ANARCHY 4 3 12
6 BOLTS ‘N HOES 2 5 6

Onwards to Group B, featuring perhaps the biggest upset of insomnia57 so far – Pick ‘N’ Mix. We saw them close out a complex group in a simple fashion, taking a clean 7 – 0 throughout group stages including an intense 16 – 6 win against FM eSports, seemingly able to dismantle them in without much struggle.  In our second spot of Group B we see FM picking up the slack 6 – 1, disappointed after the unfortunate result earlier in the day. Eager to prove a point we did see them easily gliding through the rest of their group, placing them into the prize-winning bracket alongside Pick ‘N’ Mix.  Another notable team from Group B is MixedVibes, a squad seemingly able to make it out of groups at multiple LAN events under a variety of tags, however, unfortunately, this time around we did see them fall out of contention for the top 2 spots. Taking a look at the head-to-head results we can confirm that MixedVibes did close out Group B in 3rd place, a feat still not to be looked down upon either way.

Group C

Rank Team Name Wins Loss’s Points
1 Infused.Rasta 7 0 21
2 Ionic 6 1 18
3 Team Crossfire 5 2 15
4 BMiCREW 4 3 12
5 Swipe Right Clutch Later 3 4 9
6 FM eSports Community 2 5 6
7 soz4owned 1 6 3

Another group filled with interesting prospects is Group C, featuring talented lineup Infused.Rasta, a team acquired by Rasta for this event consisting of 3 of the Infused team who managed a simple stride through their group claiming a 7 – 0 victory, with surprise team Ionic being the only team able to keep up with the line-up, claiming a 6 – 1 overall, only losing out against Infused.Rasta. Perhaps one of the unique surprises of this group is 11th seed, soz4owned, albeit still a semi-random seed – claiming a 1 – 6 scoreline, something that doesn’t bode too well for them  unfortunately.

Group D

Rank Team Name Wins Loss’s Points
1 nerdRage.Pro 7 0 21
2 Mini Kiev Krew 6 1 18
3 IGI eSports 5 2 15
4 MANBAT! 4 3 12
6 .PINK 2 5 6
7 ROUPC 1 6 3

Group D was an interesting group to watch, mainly down to surprise talents IGI eSports who battled consistently hard against well-known teams nerdRage / Mini Kiev Krew. Unfortunately, it seems nerve’s simply got the better of them and after losing out a string of important rounds IGI were unable to close anything out against either team, dropping close maps, meaning despite taking 14 rounds against nerdRage, being unable to make it out of groups. For nerdRage’s side we do see them taking a clean 7 – 0 win, a running trend as of now, Mini Kiev Krew following up on a smooth 2nd place taking a 6 – 1 overall scoreline.

Overall our first four groups, A through to D, have been full of entertaining surprises with us sure to see more from the prize brackets today. For on-going coverage throughout the entirety of insomnia57 as well as part 2 of this article, covering groups E through H, be sure to check back on UKCSGO throughout the day.

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