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insomnia57: The Brackets

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After a pulsating day of action in the group stages, where the odds on favourites Team Pride (Refuse) came away unscathed, but many of the UK teams didn’t. We get to the real deal now, hopefully everyone has made their mistakes and with today being a new day, turn a new leaf to improve their performances.

Despite all the drama and upsets yesterday, all the major seeds managed to get through, the only casualties, were two teams “soz4owned” which housed Charlie “K1NDeadly” Weber and the team that had Craig “onscreen” Shannon featuring in, which was MixedVibes. Both mixes were dumped out at the group stage and won’t be featuring in this bracket.

Day two begins at 10am pretty sharp, and will conclude by around 10pm tonight (ish). You can follow the action on the stream, however please note, select games will be broadcast from the stage and that it will be on a different stream entirely, which can be found here.


The NEC is where ALL the action is happening this weekend (Credit: Multiplay Flickr)


Team Name Vs Team Name
Team Pride (Refuse) (1) Vs Impulse Gaming UK (16)
Molotovs n Marshmallows (8) Vs Monumentalis (9)
nerdRage.Pro (4) Vs Perilous.Fury (13)
Team uFrag (5) Vs Mini Kievs Krew (12)
Pick ‘N’ Mix Vs Rasta.KO (15)
Perilous.CSGOSPHERE (7) Vs fm-eSports (2)
Infused.Rasta (3) Vs Team XENEX (14)
Team CeX (6) Vs Ionic

Saturday Schedule

  • Elimination Round 1– 10am
  • Lower Bracket Round 1 – 12:30pm
  • Upper Bracket Round 2 – 1:30pm
  • Lower Bracket Round 2 – 3:30pm
  • Upper Bracket Round 3 – 5pm
  • Lower Bracket Round 3 – 6:30pm
  • Upper Bracket Final – 8:30pm

You can follow the live progress of the bracket on the Battlefy tournament website. We will also shortly be adding all the matches from now onto our match ticker for your viewing too.

We are live at the event taking photos, doing interviews, and bringing you lots of coverage to keep you upto date on insomnia57 so make sure you stay tuned to over the next few days for full event coverage and photos. You can follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page for all the daily news from insomnia57.

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