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insomnia57: The Seeds

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One of the most controversial topics at an iSeries event always tends to be the seedings. For many years in the UK Scene, it’s always the seedings that matter come LAN, people debate it prior to an event, people moan at the event, and then what gets me the most, is people mention they beat this team or that team 16:4 & 16:8 recently in a PCW, like it mattered.

Well here it is laid out to bare in the public domain, and ready for everyone to get salty about. Prepare your pitchforks and head down to see Jon “ViciousHorizion” Kelly because he’s seeded you incorrectly. For those who keep on telling me I’ve done the seedings incorrectly, I haven’t even bothered doing any “unofficial” seeds for this LAN, so please stop trying to tell me something I care little for at this stage!!

insomnia57 Seedings

High Seeds

1. Team PRIDE (Formerly Refuse)NEEX, morelz, reatz, kamil, EXUS
2. fm-eSportsImmi, Puls3, MightyMax, Esio, CRUC1AL
3. Rasta.Infusedrobiin, Kryptix, mole, s0m, Surreal
4. nerdRage.ProredsnK, Shaney, Lumji, Dream, Aqua
5. uFragashhh, adamxoxo, Powell, HypeIzBack, Yoshi
6. Team CeX Sheekey, Pegggyyy, resu, CINDER, Charley
7. Perilous.CSGOSPHEREJakem, RE1EASE, pt, vertiGo, beta
8. Molotovs n MarshmallowsEB, maxyB, chron1c, fearLess, BeRTY

Middle Seeds

9. Monumentalis – b8z, EXACT, CESKiE, JDD, Philo
10. MixedVibes – Popdog, JU5T1N, Laneyy, Onscreen, Nightmare
11. soz4owned – Emma, Sophiee, Destrus, L0renzo, k1ndeadly
12. MiniKievKrew – GabrieL, Minkle, Vicious, Elk, toxxeh

Low Seeds

13. Perilous.Fury – SpeedyG, AL, maltB, debaser, quiver
14. Team XENEX – LogaN, JPK, Gizmo, sHAW, L1FEL1KE
15. RastaKO neon, jdink, 5habo, jimmak, xtr
16. Impulse.UK – luzuh, wafu, Toddie, Ryan, kstm

That concludes the seeded teams for this event. Make sure you stay tuned to UKCSGO for all your latest news, coverage and results from insomnia57. Give the UKCSGO Facebook page a like, and the UKCSGO Twitter a follow, and make sure you have read the recent Overclockers announcement we dropped on how to win prizes like Mugs & Mousemats if you predict scores between teams correctly. We shall be at the NEC this weekend, to bring you all the latest, so stay with us!

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