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i57: Pick ‘N’ Mix see off FM eSports

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The CSGO tournament has only in its infancy and we already have our first upset of the event.

The unseeded lineup, Pick ‘N’ Mix, a mix team lead by KRBY has seen off FM eSports who were seeded 2nd due to their stellar performance in recent online events. The game was played on de_train, a map that FM eSports played a couple of weeks ago where they only managed to claim 2 rounds off Team Dignitas. The result of this game wasn’t far off that with FM eSports only managing to claim 6 rounds in total.

This puts a fair bit of pressure on the second seeds for the rest of the group stages as only the top 2 teams from each group goes through to the main knockout tournament. They still have to play against the lower seeded team of their group, mixedvibes. After this performance though, I think it is fair to say this is the last time we will see FM play de_train at this event.

Sadly due to the constraints of the “new” Multiplay setup, getting more information on this game is next to impossible. We will hunt down some of the players and get a full report on what happened in this game.

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