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August 11, 2016

epic.LAN announce competitive bans for three players

Adding to the already sorry story that is the UK Scene this week, epic.LAN have piled on the misery for the three central players involved. This comes in the form of bans of varying lengths being handed out by the Managing Director, Jon “Winbar” Winkle.

The bans are as follows;

Ben “KRBY” Kirby – 1 Year (Cheating) Joseph “Joee” Leigh – 2 Years (Cheating with VAC Ban) Charlie “K1NDEADLY” Weber – 2 Years (Drug Use)

This puts in perspective what epic.LAN are set to do with those found to be breaking event rules. Starting with the cheating bans, the difference in lengths of Joee‘s and KRBY‘s [...]

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July 27, 2016

The injustice of krbY’s punishment

The following article was submitted to us by EB via out Submit News form.

The news of krbY’s cheating and subsequent ban from Multiplay events for the next 12 months is regrettably the biggest story UKCSGO has ever broken. The punishment has divided opinion. Many think that it is as black and white as cheating equals a ban. However that is naive and shows a distinct lack of understanding.

The evidence, as it stands, is a cheat-bust video and comments which are at best circumstantial.

"xenn^: might do some funny s**t on lan" "Just like, something that looks legit on LAN"

These comments do not mean he will cheat on LAN. It is entirely ridiculous to even [...]

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July 26, 2016

krbY searches for LAN hacks – UPDATED

It has been brought to our attention that Ben “krbY” Kirby, a standout player from last iSeries has been trying to get in contact with a cheat developer to provide him LAN worthy cheats. Accusations were thrown around about this player during last iSeries as this player seemed to appear from nowhere and be taking on some of the best players in the UK, causing upsets throughout the event. Despite denying these accusations every time, and making light of the subject, no doubt these questions will surface once again and we will ask if he was playing fair at i57.

afRo: what was ur email again krby ??: afRo: rofl afRo: sec afRo: lemme msg [...]
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May 18, 2016

IGI eSports make changes ahead of Insomnia 58

The original IGI eSports roster came about in December last year and stuck together for a while, replacing 2 players in Feburary of this year. They were a solid team that attended both Insomnia 56 and Insomnia 57 (although they went out in groups both times). IGI eSports also attended a number of the weekly online cups run by JGL and were one of the best teams to show up on a weekly basis.

A few rumours were floating around the scene last week about 3 of the players leaving and on Monday it was announced that the team had indeed dropped three of their players and brought in 2 players who have proved their worth online and in other teams, and 1 player who is considered a newbie [...]

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