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krbY searches for LAN hacks – UPDATED

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It has been brought to our attention that Ben “krbY” Kirby, a standout player from last iSeries has been trying to get in contact with a cheat developer to provide him LAN worthy cheats. Accusations were thrown around about this player during last iSeries as this player seemed to appear from nowhere and be taking on some of the best players in the UK, causing upsets throughout the event. Despite denying these accusations every time, and making light of the subject, no doubt these questions will surface once again and we will ask if he was playing fair at i57.

 afRo: what was ur email again
 krby ??: [email protected]
 afRo: rofl
 afRo: sec
 afRo: lemme msg
 krby ??: u better nigger
 krby ??: bvitch
 afRo: user is xenn?
 afRo: he cant find it
 krby ??: yes
 krby ??: xenn
 afRo: kk
 xenn^: afro
 xenn^: get me a trial with platinum
 xenn^: please
 xenn^: account name: xenn
 afRo: kk
 afRo: ill pm mojo
 xenn^: mojo?
 afRo: guy who owns platinum
 xenn^: fairs
 xenn^: how long would u reckon till reply
 afRo: probs like 6 hours tops
 afRo: he's in the US
 xenn^: ah fairs
 afRo: lite or normal
 xenn^: lite
 afRo: kk.,
 xenn^: might do some funny s**t on lan
 afRo: lmao

krbY thought he was getting his hands on a LAN viable hack, when actually he was being setup by the person he contacted. He requested access to the “lite” version of the well known cheating engine, Platinum Cheats. The “lite” version is designed to be used in LAN environments with no visual indicators on your screen so not to arouse the suspicion of any passers by or spectators. Upon questioning Ben about this, he said “I was using “cheating on lan” as a bait as I would never ever do that”. Maybe he wanted the “lite” version because of how it describes its “no visuals” function as a feature on their site; “Lite Edition has no visuals or ESP, allowing you to stay focused on legit gameplay.” If legit gameplay was the first thing on Ben’s mind, he could have with toning it down a touch when playing on a retake server while testing the hack he thought was the “lite” version of Platinum Cheats.

I hear you all questioning “why are you suggesting he wasn’t using Platinum Cheats?”. That’s because he was setup by the person he contacted. The hack he was actually sent was a public wallhack and aimbot which could be downloaded free of charge from a well known cheating forum. While playing with the cheat he is recorded saying that he thinks he has been sent the “full thing” rather than the “lite” version of the cheat as this free hack had visual markers.

While plays.tv recordings aren’t definitive proof of foul play, Ben’s voice is unmistakable on these clips. Combining that with the logs we were originally sent and that little chat I had with him, it looks like krbY has been using cheats, although there is no way of telling if this is the first time or not.

 22:07 - krbY: owned myself havent i
 22:08 - krbY: basically on my part
 22:08 - krbY: its fake cuz i was baiting him out
 22:08 - krbY: cuz he has a bad past
 22:08 - krbY: and i was seeing if he stuck to his word
 22:08 - krbY: but im in the wrong
 22:08 - Blanks: so whats your full side of the events?
 22:10 - krbY: Right so i was just on a alt and got bored so i was like cuz i knew "afro" had links with cheat owners etc, get me a trial of this cheat.
 22:10 - krbY: I was using "cheating on lan" as a bait as I would never ever do that
 22:12 - krbY: its a gg

The question is now, what will become of krbY? If he wasn’t cheating before, then he was a breakthrough player in the UK capable of playing in a contending team, but will this “slip” ruin all that and send him down the road other “busted” players have been sent down before? We have seen players return from being busted before, such as K1NDEADLY who was busted back in his CSS days playing for VYE. Like krbY, K1N was a budding young player who got tempted into the world of cheating with the desire of being the “the best” but paid the price when he got caught. He is back in the scene now though and, while he still gets called a cheater, it is clear he has left his dark days behind him and reformed. Only time can tell us what will become of krbY though, as people seem to be taking a much harder stance on hacking these days.


Off the back of this story, we have been contacted by Multiplay who offered the following statement regarding Ben “krbY” Kriby:


Multiplay has come to the decision to ban krbY from participating in prized events at any Insomnia event for a minimum period of 12 months, at which point the player is welcome to appeal the ban. Players cheating in any form should not be taken lightly and we feel that this is an acceptable level of punishment given the context. – Mark Buckley, eSports Community Manager at Multiplay
This means that there is still a chance we will see him at LAN again, but for the next 12 months he will not be able to compete in any tournament hosted there that offers a prize.

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