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The injustice of krbY’s punishment

by Elliot Bidmead

The following article was submitted to us by EB via out Submit News form.

The news of krbY’s cheating and subsequent ban from Multiplay events for the next 12 months is regrettably the biggest story UKCSGO has ever broken. The punishment has divided opinion. Many think that it is as black and white as cheating equals a ban. However that is naive and shows a distinct lack of understanding.

The evidence, as it stands, is a cheat-bust video and comments which are at best circumstantial.

"xenn^: might do some funny s**t on lan"
"Just like, something that looks legit on LAN"

These comments do not mean he will cheat on LAN. It is entirely ridiculous to even consider these comments when trying to reach a verdict in this case. The only evidence that should be considered is the cheat-bust video. In this video, krbY is cheating on a public server.

There is no precedent (as far as I am aware) in UK CS for players who have been caught cheating on public to be banned from competition. Multiplay and other tournament organisers cannot simply pick and choose which cases they deem worthy of a ban without setting forth some form of rule set. It seems like they have reacted to the publicity of this case, rather than the seriousness of it.

It is completely unjustified to ban a player from competition for cheating in a public environment. Particularly when there are players competing at the same events who have cheated in far more serious circumstances and have the VAC and other forms of bans. If krbY’s ban is to be upheld, I call for all VAC banned players, or players banned from other competitions to receive similar punishments.

Until all players are treated equally, it is in my opinion beyond debate that this is an unjust punishment. I’m sure many will still disagree with my stance and that is fine. However I’m sure we can all agree that consistent punishments for all players should be a given.


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