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insomnia59: Grand Finalists are confirmed

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After the conclusion of the insomnia59 Consolidation Final, we have the two teams set to be heading into the Grand Final. The full main event brackets are available here.

The first finalist is FM-eSports, as they took the win over Endpoint 2-0 in their Upper Bracket Final game. As the winners of the UK Masters, they entered into the tournament at the Third Round. They managed to go throughout the entire bracket without dropping a map against any team.

Neil “nEiLZiNHo” Finlay UB R3: FM-eSports 2-0 Bulldog (Nuke, Overpass)
Robin “robiin” Sjögren UB SF: FM-eSports 2-0 CeX (16-5, 16-9)
Reece “Puls3” Marrs UB F: FM-eSports 2-0 Endpoint (Cache 16-13, Overpass 16-13)
Tom “jenko” Jenkinson
Tramaine “stan1ey” Stanley
FM-eSports getting ready to commence their Finals match

FM-eSports on Friday, as they took to the stage to compete in the UK Masters Final

The second finalist is Team Endpoint, the other UK Masters finalist. This team had a similar route to FM, entering in at the third round, but fell out of the Upper Bracket when they faced up against their UK Masters foes. Aside from FM, the only time they dropped maps was to CAZ.

Ben “Esio” Doughty UB R3: Endpoint 2-0 Dragon (Dust2 16-7, Train 16-7)
Max “MiGHTYMAX” Heath UB SF: CAZ 1-2 Endpoint (Dust2 16-4, Train 11-16, Mirage 20-22)
Ian “Immi” Harding UB F: FM-eSports 2-0 Endpoint (Cache 16-13, Overpass 16-13)
Joseph “Luzuh” Loose CF: Endpoint 2-0 CeX (Overpass 16-13, Mirage 16-12)
Jesper “Jesp” Johansson
endpoint, insomnia59

Endpoint on Friday, practising on stage before their UK Masters Final

The insomnia59 Grand Final is scheduled to start at 6pm GMT, over on twitch.tv/MultiplayEsports. This will be the grudge match of the LAN, as the two top seeded teams made it to the tournament’s Grand Final to compete for the majority of the £5,000 prize pool. Will FM-eSports make it 2/2 for trophies this event, or will Endpoint force them to split the silverware?

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