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insomnia59: FM-eSports win the Grand Final

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The LAN is over, and it’s FM-eSports once again taking the £2,500 top prize. A weekend of CS started with 48 teams, split into the groups heading into the final day. The teams finishing the event? A re-match of the UK Masters final.

Neil “nEiLZiNHo” Finlay Ben “Esio” Doughty Default (1-0 FM)
Robin “robiin” Sjögren Max “MiGHTYMAX” Heath Train (END Pick)
Reece “Puls3” Marrs Ian “Immi” Harding Cache (FM Pick)
Tom “jenko” Jenkinson Joseph “Luzuh” Loose Nuke (END Pick)
Tramaine “stan1ey” Stanley Jesper “Jesp” Johansson Mirage (FM Pick)

The routes that each team took can be seen in the previous post, are available here. This is a Best of Five final, so the only differing part from Friday is that FM get the advantage instead of Endpoint. Will FM keep their perfect run throughout the LAN or will Endpoint manage to take a share in the spoils?


The first map to be played was Endpoint’s Train. Endpoint started the map strong on the CT side, taking lead after lead, growing a strong economy throughout. FM’s rounds were few and far between, which was reflected in the half-time score at 11-4. FM were a mirror image of themselves in the second half, with themselves being extremely strong throughout. When Endpoint took a round, FM answered back to cripple their economy. This lead FM to mount a large comeback to win the map 16-13.


FM come onto their map knowing that they just need to win this to take a perfect LAN event and to win their second title of the weekend. This lead Endpoint to start extremely strong on the T side, taking the pistol and running with it. This continued for six rounds, at which point FM beat them on an eco. Nine rounds were then lost in succession, as FM took the half 9-6. The second half was a similar start for Endpoint, taking the first three rounds, the last being close. FM picked themselves up and took the following three, but Endpoint pulled one back in the attempt of a comeback – just to be rebuked the round afterwards. The boys in blue once again mounted a comeback but it wasn’t to be as FM managed to close the map out 16-13, and the series 3-0.


FM-eSports picking up their Insomnia59 winners cheque.

A full standings will be released soon, check back here for links.

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