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insomnia59: The Groups

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The action is well underway, however for reference here are the groups for people to digest into.

The group stages are always a fun element of the UK LAN circuit, who can remember this time last year when Team ROCCAT got dumped out at the group stage? For those critics who believe groups are boring, already today we have seen a few upsets.

It should be noted, in a rather BOLD strategy from Multiplay, the Top 3 from every group will go through to the Elimination Stages. Here are the groups;

Group A

Position Name Played Points
1st CAZ eSports 3 9
2nd Quiche Gods 3 6
3rd Odin.Esports 3 6
4th Crayon Eaters 3 3
5th Pugmasters 3 3
6th fm-eSports Community 3 0

Group B

Position Name Played Points
1st  SKUM Gaming 4 9
2nd Team CeX  3 9
3rd Team Giving It  4 9
4th Omen eSports 4 6
5th Kappa Crew 3 0
6th VOID Mix 4 0

Group C

Position Name Played Points
1st Honestly Ridiculous 3 9
2nd Team XENX 3 6
3rd exceL eSports 3 6
4th EZ4ENCE 3 3
5th Animosty eSports 3 3
6th EQPL 3 0

Group D

Position Name Played Points
1st Team uFrag 3 9
2nd Impulse Gaming 3 6
3rd 3 6
4th Refresh Gaming 3 3
5th ROYAL5 3 3
6th Old Timers 3 0

Group E

Position Name Played Points
1st London Lynx 3 9
2nd :)))) 3 6
3rd Warhogs #TeamLard 3 6
4th Hyph 3 6
5th Spicy MEMEs 3 0
6th Casual Scrubs 3 0

Group F

Position Name Played Points
1st HG.Red 3 9
2nd Team Viral 3 9
3rd Camel Jockeys 3 6
4th Bulldog eSports 3 6
5th Hidden 3 0
6th Infinite eSports UK 3 0

Group G

Position Name Played Points
1st Mini Kiev Krew 4 9
2nd Dog Gaming 4 9
3rd Viperio eSports 4 9
4th Omen.EU 3 6
5th No Bakes In Here 4 0

Group H

Position Name Played Points
1st Dragon Esports 4 12
2nd 4SoulZzzZZzzZz 3 9
3rd KingsUnite.Pro 4 6
4th cooL-Gaming 3 6
5th ProficiencyHQ 4 0
6th NSG Academy 4 0
  • Bold Teams depict those that will go through at the end of the group stage.
  • For lineups of certain teams, you can read the Preview to the event, the Viewers Guide, or even the seedings post.

Event Streams

Multiplay CS:GO Stream
Multiplay Twitch Stage Stream

We are live at the event taking photos, doing interviews, and bringing you lots of coverage to keep you upto date on insomnia59 so make sure you stay tuned to over the next few days for full event coverage and photos. You can follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page for all the daily news from insomnia59.

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