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insomnia59: The Seeds

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It is one of the most hotly anticipated subjects at an iSeries event. Everyone will be expecting a seed, just to make their path through the group stages “easier”, some will be disappointed they didn’t get some and accept that. Others though won’t be so accepting and will suddenly storm down to the Admin table and list every single meaningless result possible to the admins in the hopes of forcing them to change their minds.

It is probably my most favourite part of LAN, because even though I don’t do them or even influence them, I still manage to get chastised for being “involved” and “not knowing the scene at all” because I “missed out a certain cup, or league or event that happened”.

That’s right, it’s the Seedings. Where everyone forgets what “seeds” are, and starts to twist it to suit their own silly agenda like it makes a difference. Still I’m sure Jasmine “Veracityy” Kangua will listen to the droning on from some pointless team who will only just scrape it to Top 16 and claim they should be a Top 8 seed.

Top Seeds

1st/2nd – fm-eSports: nEiLZiNHo, robiin, Puls3, Jenko, stan1ey
1st/2nd – Endpoint: Immi, jesp, MiGHTYMAX, esio, luzuh
3rd – CAZ eSports: Jakem, Weber, Kryptix, McK, Ozzy
4th – CeX: resu, smooya, Cinder, Thomas, BroddyC
5th – Xenex: Danceyz, JT, Shaney, Pickles, Peggyy

Mid Seeds

6th – uFrag: Adamxoxo, Hype, Pommey, Domm, Kray
7th – London Lynx: MajorLee, Trouble, Snakey, AhB, Isaac
8th – Bulldog: skuxz, bmagic, kplus, nukeddog, wafu
9th – Dog Gaming: ash, IhsoY, quiver, debaser, JoSePh`
10th – Dragon Esports: neph, J4CK:), mystylez, tesquo, kpíz

Low Seeds

11th – Odin eSports: Dm_God, 5haBo, Jack, MontSta^, ShadowmaN
12th – Team Giving It: Boaster, Cyba, Zeo, Jadamm, Logzii
13th – Excel: Ghost, archer, koral, kryzih, Rybak
14th – Impulse Gaming: LS, JD, Samwell, Cynic, Worsty
15th – Hyph: Yakuza, AliG, Vertigo, Paynt, Gintx
16th – HG.Red: Hatton, Ruleh, Woi, ShaunSki, tamsteR

Remember both Team Endpoint & fm-eSports skip the group stages today as they have UK Masters to attend later this evening (at 7pm). As an also added extra, the final 8 seeds (all in Low Seeds) will be grouped together, and will be in the groups to battle out for the actual 13/16 seed position. These teams were decided as “too close to call” and thus have been allowed to battle it out in the group stages instead to try and get into the Elimination Stages. It is a rather unique but bold strategy from the admin team this event, and one we look forward to watching unfold as the groups get underway in just over one hour from now. This may not line up with exactly what happens this event as it was pitched as an idea. We tried to corner an admin to confirm this but they are busy at the helm of this 48 team event.

We are live at the event taking photos, doing interviews, and bringing you lots of coverage to keep you up to date on insomnia59 so make sure you stay tuned to over the next few days for full event coverage and photos. You can follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page for all the daily news from insomnia59.

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