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insomnia64: Grand Final

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After four days, the end of LAN is here. The insomnia64 Grand Final between London Esports and DarkSpawn Gaming. The two teams face off for the lion’s share of the £6,250 prize pool.

Due to London reaching the Grand Final through the Upper Bracket, they start the series with a 1-0 advantage. As such, the veto is as follows:

London removed Cache
DarkSpawn removed Nuke
London picked Mirage
DarkSpawn picked Inferno
London picked Train
DarkSpawn picked Dust2

London Esports 1-0 DarkSpawn Gaming
Default 1-0 | Mirage 25-23 | Inferno 16-7 | Train | Dust2

London secured the pistol round and following anti-ecos on their T-side, before DarkSpawn secured the first buy round. After DarkSpawn brought the game up to an even scoreline, London returned to retake the lead and keep the half close. This lead didn’t last for long, as DarkSpawn came back and won the remaining rounds of the half for a 10-5 lead.
The second half commenced with London taking the pistol round and second round, before a solid buy from DarkSpawn sees them extend their lead. While it was looking like DarkSpawn were running away with the game, taking themselves to a 13-7 lead, London bounced back and started to narrow the lead to remain in the map. Just as they’re about to even the map, DarkSpawn answer back with the following two rounds to reach map point. London weren’t out just yet, picking up a 13th round. From there London forced their way back up, and thanks to Frazehh taking a collateral AWP kill, they forced overtime.
London claimed the first overtime on the CT side, before the second half looked the way of DarkSpawn, especially after conoR secured a 3k with a marvellous flick to go to map point again. However, London weren’t out and forced the game to another overtime after a forcebuy. The second saw London hold map point for two rounds, but DarkSpawn weren’t looking to lose the map and forced the game to a third overtime. The pattern continued into the third overtime, with DarkSpawn ahead at the split. The second half of the overtime saw mezii secure a 1hp 1v2 clutch, before taking map point in the following round. London finally broke the pattern, to take the first map 25:23 and go 2-0 in the series.

Next up was DarkSpawn’s pick of Inferno. When the two teams played in the Upper Bracket Final, this map went to four overtimes before London won it. Will we see another slog of a match?
London kicked off the map in a similar fashion to the first, with the pistol round and two antiecos before falling to DarkSpawn in the buy round. This time, DarkSpawn pushed on from equalising the game and went 5-3 ahead, before London answered back with four of their own to return to the lead. The two teams ping-ponged the next two rounds, before London went in at the break 9-6 ahead on their CT-side.
The second half began with London taking the pistol round and following two antieco rounds. From there London racked themselves up to a 14-6 lead, but it wouldn’t be too long until conoR picked up a 1v2 clutch after his team forced up. But this win didn’t last long, as London won the following round and reset their opponents to take map, match, series and championship point. From there it was simple, as they wrapped up the game 16-7 for a 3-0 win.

T his result means London Esports wins insomnia64, and take home the £3,000 prize. DarkSpawn finish second, and will take home £1,500.

A full standings post and more will be released shortly after the event.

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